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In need of a co-writer... Please Help
StarDreamer at 12:42PM, April 27, 2008
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I need a co-writer for a series me, and the artist who hired me are working on titled “The Supernatural,” and I need help in polishing the script so he can convert the text to comic pages. Here: the story we're working with: On earth there are many things not seen by human eyes. Creatures, beings, and even objects or abilities. They figure those things don't exist, or can't be accomplished. Only very few in the history of mankind have succeeded in doing these things. Many know them as avatars, advents, sorcerers, wizards, psychics, or whatever you desire to call them. But in this modern age where technological science, and scientific explanations rule the perceptions of man, those things are considered myths, and those who believe in them are insane. Well at least that's how one boy sees it. He alone seeks to unlock the mysteries that are hidden from the world, because of his power to use whatever he imagines. The ability of flight, superhuman strength, spiritual energy, and anything else he can think of. The boy's name is Zack, and he's considered strange because of his believes, and dare we say powers. But he, and very few like him fail to realize is that they have the potential to traverse from one dimension to the next, if they're belief is strong enough. Realizing this fact, a being known as a “Balancer” will seek to destroy them while they are under the guidance of a dimensional wizard, who desires to train them in realizing their full potential so that they can challenge and defeat a dimensional demon who desires to devour the young heroes.
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NAPosey at 10:30AM, May 3, 2008
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What direction are you planning on taking the story? Are you looking for a more whimsical style or more of a real life feel with bits of excentric unexplainable events in an otherwise normal universe?
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