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Inking White on Black
patrickdevine at 8:24PM, Nov. 25, 2009
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I like the look of white on black but getting that effect can be a bit tricky. One of my friends recommended a white gel-pen to go over black ink. I tried it out and found that it reacts with Higgins Black Magic ink to form this muddy grey. From what I hear it's pretty hit and miss as to which India inks will react with white gel-pen. Later I tried photocopying a black and white drawing and drawing on it with the white pen and it actually looked pretty good. I figure there's other ways around the dilemma, like Pro-White was also recommended to me a few times. Anyone else come up with solutions for this?
By the way, I am aware that I can invert colors in Photoshop I'm just old school.
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Phillby at 6:11AM, Nov. 26, 2009
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I outline the white lines before filling in the black space.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 3:38PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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you could just negetize it on the…oh…then I don't exactly know…
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lothar at 10:18PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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depends what ur trying to do. if its drawing a starry sky, that can be hard. i used to just leave the white parts blank. that can be tricky if ur working with sharpies.
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patrickdevine at 2:25PM, Nov. 27, 2009
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Yeah, I generally ink around areas that I want to be white but it does become really tricky if I want finer details. Like lothar said a night sky with stars or even something like a road sign with white text. So far the white pen is what seems to work the best.
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JustNoPoint at 7:54PM, Nov. 27, 2009
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I think Tim Tyler told me he actually used a needle to poke holes in the paper for stars in his comics.

You should send him a message he does it all the traditional way. I would say “sell your belongings to get a Wacom tablet” or some useless advice like that =p
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ShadowsMyst at 4:27PM, Dec. 2, 2009
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White on black is tricky business but if its just white on black you are looking for, there's lots of oldschool ways to get the look. One method I've used in the past if you want to be hard core old school is ‘scratchboard’. its basically a black coating over paper that you use a sharp tool to ‘scratch’ off. I've used an exacto blade to do the scratching, but any sharp hard tool works. You can also create your own scratch board using acrylic paint and illustration board. Here is an example of scratch board.

You can also try white acrylic paint or gouache paint over black ink (be sure its dry first) I'd say the acrylic would typically look better (more crisp and white) over black than the gouache, which might pick up black pigment.

I've had a few white ink pens before, which worked not to bad, but were more transparent than I would have liked most of the time. Sometimes they could be re-applied.

I've also used whiteout pens on black paper for effects.

There's a lot of options. :)

I have a webcomic making blog! Check it out.
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mattchee at 1:03PM, Dec. 4, 2009
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I use the same Dr Ph Martin no bleed white that I use for covering up mistakes. Its pretty damn opaque.

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