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insert title here... new to the duck and web comics in general
insert title here at 5:45AM, Jan. 15, 2007
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so i started my comic on the 1st of january of 2007(I T H presents, PLUG number 1… rated M for Mature, at least some of the time). i chose drunk duck because of the options i researched, dd had the easiest interface and also allowed me to get my comic online right away, rather than having to wait for ‘approval’. i also like the fact that i don't need any web design knowledge to use the site (tho perhaps in the future there will be even more options for comic page layouts, but there are other forums for those kinds of suggestions).

i have been doodling since as far back as i can remember and in recent months have been persuaded by a friend (Kat) to draw a comic. that comic is not exactly what was originally planned, but then i have a hard time sticking with any one subject for very long, and so I T H presents (PLUG 2) was born.

while i don't mind critiques of my comic, my art style is not likely to change, my only tools are a scanner and MS Paint (and i am not paying/looking for anything better right now. it works and i am happy with it), and tho the jokes may not be funny to everyone, i think they are funny and in the end the comic is free and mine… so there. ;) the ‘plot’ is that there is no real plot. kinda like real life, you just go through life and do what needs to be done (or what you want to do) and whatever happens, happens. eventually there will be plots, but those take time to develop and since i am lazy i doubt that any plots will be too involved.

all that being said, i welcome people to comment and such and hope to see new readers checking out the comic and hopefully telling their friends.

hope to stick around the duck for a long while.

p.s. I T H presents (PLUG 3 :) is updated daily.
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Priceman at 5:33PM, Jan. 21, 2007
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Wow, quite the intro there. Anyway, welcome to DD. Make yourself at home and just ask if you have any questions.
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Adariel at 4:38AM, Jan. 22, 2007
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People here are generally nice so thats one incentive of sticking around, and we are here to learn from one another. Welcome to DD.

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Priest_Revan at 6:45PM, Jan. 23, 2007
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Your comic shocked me with its “M” rating.
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