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Interesting Cartoon I Found
Custard Trout at 11:56AM, Feb. 11, 2008
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It's a collection of five Soviet propaganda cartoons, created during World War II.

I'll link it here, because it's quite large.

The compression means the quality isn't great, but it's an absolutely wonderful piece of animated history. This is one of those things that I could discuss for hours. The Russian and British nations are depicted as giants, powerful and superior, while the Nazi and Hitler caricatures are shown as tiny gremlins, bent over with gorilla like walks and pointy tusk-like teeth. Those Soviets didn't mess about when it came to propaganda. There's a part where Hitler tried to climb a pile of skulls to attempt to prevent the alliance of Britain and Russia, which speaks more to me about the nature of the war than any amount of dusty old history books ever could.

There's a lot of other good stuff if you poke around the video groups as well. Including a channel dedicated to works of Bruno Bozzetto, an incredibly talented Italian animator. Including his Signor Rossi, a series I love quite a lot.
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Renga Studio at 9:53PM, Feb. 17, 2008
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Bruno Bozzetto; I knew I recognized that name! Though I'm not familiar with his significant albeit underrated work, a few things still come to mind. I remember he produced the animated short Help? for World Premiere Toons on Cartoon Network (I always thought that cartoon felt intriguingly foreign/un-American compared to the others for some reason!). Man, my sister and I really enjoyed that one! lol! And also I remember seeing a satirical animated short he did on the very violent history of mankind entitled Grasshoppers one time on Bravo. Yes sir; Bruno Bozzetto, definitely a name to know in the world of animation.
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