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Internets is being stubborn again... the bastard.
Radec at 6:44PM, Aug. 23, 2008
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Well, it's been a clear three, four months since last I had a working computer able for the internet, and now taht I do I'm stoked, BUT…
My internet browser is being picky.
I'm having strange issues with the size of images and text-boxes, mostly being that they are much larger than they should be. Images show up at much larger sizes than they should be, and that's just throwing everything into disarray on my screen. any idea what might be happening?
if it helps, I've got a slightly larger monitor than standard size, but I've got my resolution configured to match.
so… help? :(
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SpANG at 9:02PM, Aug. 23, 2008
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Might just be the text size options on your browser.

Click on ‘View’ on the top bar, then ‘Zoom’, then ‘Zoom out’

Internet Exploder:
Click on ‘View’ on the top bar, then ‘Text Size’, then ‘medium’ for the normal font size.
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