Interviews with Matt Busch and David Petersen
Craftyandy at 2:39PM, June 12, 2011
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I hope I'm posting this in the right section. Anyways I went to comic con here in Michigan. I got to intervew a bunch of artist there about their works and current projects.
First up we have Matt Busch who's works include many star wars, comic books, and movie related posters. He also has art apps for the i-pad. a line of mock zombified movie posters. Among many other things including film.
You can watch the full interview here.

Part 2
Interview with artist and writer David Petersen, creator of the popular comic Mouse Guard. A medieval fantasy adventure that follows a group of furry mice who's perilous task is to ensure the safety and be a guide to their fellow kin who reside in independent villages and towns hidden away from would be predators. It has two volumes, with a third in the works, a spin off series and possibilities of a film. I find it a quite different take on the whole anthro tales that are similar to it. No prophecies (so far) it's not some overdone “Mice are at war with rats because all rats are evil and mice are all perfect!.” No pothole creating magic either, just pure medieval lore in the setting of twelfth century Michigan. Honestly the sophistication of the world, and characters made me think this came from anywhere but america, let alone Michigan. Much to my pleasant surprise soon after. I intend to delve into this a little more in my “not in theaters” show I have in mind. To be continued next with Jeremy A. Bastian.
You can watch the full interview here.

This series will continue with Bill Pulkovski and Alexander Buechel. Mike Roll and Mike Bocianowski, and Nei Ruffino. Hope you enjoy.
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