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Is it Time to Put the U.S. Military on an Economic Diet Play?
TnTComic at 5:19AM, Dec. 5, 2007
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Peace sells, but who's buying?
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bobhhh at 10:36AM, Dec. 5, 2007
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warmongering bush or peaceful times with clinton….hmmmm
i hope the war ends before my friend gets out of bootcamp

I hope the war ends, too, but neither Bill nor Hillary are peaceful.

Remember Clinton's Wag the Dog war in Serbia? Smaller scale than Iraq, but the same (lack of) principle.

Excuse me but at least Clinton went in to stop genocide. Bosnia has the disticnction of being the last war we fought where there was no oil.
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kyupol at 3:50PM, Dec. 5, 2007
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Each side has their own reasons for desiring economic and social inequality in this nation.

What are the benefits of social inequality?

All I see are evil results:

- Increased crime rate. As the people despair, so they'd find other ways to make money and get by. Like selling drugs, being a prostitute, being a hitman for hire, or what about simple petty snatching or hold-upping? Choose. Make minimum wage or make tons of money being a gangsta?

- Less money to circulate in the economy. Which would mean more people wont be that tempted to spend. Because if people have money the more they will spend. And the more people spend, the more demand is created. The more demand is created, the more supply needs to meet the demand. Making both the business class and average class happy.

- The popularity of communism. Since I got low income I was tempted to support it. But I know that communism is only a doorway to a dictatorship. However there are much more poorer people out there than me since at least I got a FT job – and can at least pay my bills and stuff as well as afford a high-mileage 2nd hand car (its got 250+ kms on it when I got it. lol!) and a computer. And these much more poorer people are less educated making them as the perfect recruits.

You know the keywords: 'the people the people the people', ‘equality for all’, ‘liberate the working class’, ‘death to greedy capitalist pigs’ Those things can get to your head.

Perhaps the only good result I see about social inequality is an increased supply of troops. Because the army is an attractive option for a poor person who has nothing to lose.
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