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Is Manga art more popular than American art?
Kohdok at 9:55PM, July 10, 2007
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Also, Emily? Was that last line a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series?

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yeah. :3

Actually, I've heard Bandit Keith said “In America” a lot in the Japanese series…
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simonitro at 11:43PM, July 13, 2007
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I enjoy reading Japanese comics more than American… I haven't been in the US but I was in Canada!

I believe they're a bit equal when it comes who's more popular over in Canada, however, Canada developed their own cartoon/comic style which is fine,
but the story concepts aren't as developed as the Japanese and the American!

Japanese style has different variety when it comes to genre like action, romance, comedy, horror and still look appealing than the American style. The
American style was able to be successful because of the superhero genre, which I'm not a big fan of it. The only superhero comic I like is Batman because
it seems very special than the other ones. The superhero comic stories seem so endless.

Artwise… American style is very stale and boring. It's very rigid.. the humor is very dry mixed with the Marvel/DC style! Japanese style is very smooth
and nice to look at. The fighting scenes are better done in the Japanese style. I see every Manga artist have their own Japanese style like the art of
Full Metal Alchemist is different than Great Teacher Onizuka, Yu Yu Hakusho has a different style than One Piece… and the list goes on!

Besides, the Manga style is not only made in Japan but Korean had developed their own Manga style which is also very interesting!

So, to me Japanese Manga Comics > American Rigid Comics

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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DemonSaintDante at 4:16AM, July 17, 2007
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Comics in modern day are a lot more open to other concepts behind super hero. Its happening slowly though, look at that new Mary what where it is about Spidermans girlfriend and her life… haven't read it but it shows at least some initiative to branch out the comic book genre.
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albone at 8:07AM, July 19, 2007
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Sort of a subjective arguement. Really the question shoudl be ‘do you like manga more than american-western art?’ Manga has a lot going for it, but I think for the most part, it's terribly lacking in writing. There seems to be 4 major plot devices and the rest is the shine and appeal of the pretty, pretty pictures. Not a bad thing, just my qucik assesment of it. And don't get me wrong, there's plenty of crap in american-western comics, but you also have some great reads too.
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n_y_japlander at 2:22AM, July 20, 2007
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OZONE is correct. I have been here in Japan for the last 11 years and counting. There is NO set style, nor a style that overpowers any other.
MANGA is short for magazine, and is used very loosely for any drawing in print form.
Japan has cartoons that look like Homer, Fred Flintstone, and Warner… Now we can start a new question, “realistic” style or “Bubble” style?

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albone at 6:38PM, July 22, 2007
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Oy, bubble style…
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Rusty Knight at 8:46PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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I personally hate the “Hybrid” look. Not becaues it looks bad, but because most of the “Hybrid” cartoons, are just people trying to make money off of the whole Anime Craze going around. Even though I draw in the manga style, I prefer those people who draw in the “American realistic style”. Comic books and cartoons. Most of those people just picked up a pencil and said. “I'm going to draw a cartoon character!” and just developed they're own style. Most Manga artists start off by picking up a pencil and saying “I'm going to draw a character!” and realize they suck at it, then go through their volumes of manga drawing random panels and wind up in the end being able to draw good, in someone else's style.

I see some great Anime artists out there, then I see some crap ones who get frustrated and flood the net with their crap art trying to find the one person who says it's good. When the American Realistic style is done right, it look 10 times better than any anime style.
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omegaman at 3:46PM, Dec. 31, 2007
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i think that both styles are awesome but i think that manga just might have the upper edge because a lot of artists looking for inspiration look to manga because manga is relatively easy to draw and i must admit quite fun. I like to draw and create mangas
and watch manga style films. Oh that's another films there is so much anime/manga films out that a lot of people have got interested in the action packed plots and well as you know a lot of mangas have nudity in them so you may get people looking at manga just for nudity. I mean me and my friend were watching a film called ninja scroll which is a manga and out of the blue a guy starts licking a woman all over!
So it really depends on the diffrent kind of people and their interests.
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CharleyHorse at 7:14PM, Dec. 31, 2007
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A recent troll through DD's collection seems to indicate a slight lead in Asian styling over Western styling. Hey, what's up with all this Japanese-centric examination and analysis anyway? Anyone hear of Korean and Chinese style? Anyone realize that the far east Indian style is about to take the world by storm? Wake up and realize that there is more in the Eastern and Asian comic stylings than the items produced by Japan . . . woot!

Heh-heh . . . I'll return to the style-centric and popularity thing again in a moment.

Okay, my personal take on this stuff is that most cartoonists suck dishwater when it comes to their artwork. This is why most of us are not now and never will be professionals. This is also why so much cartooning looks so imitative and just plain bad. Obviously I include myself in the poor artwork category - in my case as a Western stylist.

However, when it comes down to artists with the ability to visually rock, it just plain doesn't matter what style they are working in or with. Good, damn it, is good!

Alas, however, as I said above, most cartoonists just aren't very good and so it's rather pointless to compare rotten apples to rotten oranges.

Oh, and as for the tiny minority of cartoonists that are good enough in style or creativity to turn pro, the vast majority of them also are rather bland and unimaginative as artists. They are just good enough, in general, to get by.

Now to jump to something that at first blush seems utterly unrelated to this analysis; martial arts.

Most people studying, practicing martial arts never get to that style's equivalent of black belt/black sash. These people would equate to the average DDer. Very earnest and in their own way, quite dedicated, but never going to reach the pinical.

Then we have those few people who reach black belt level. Are they good? You bet! Could any one of them transfer to the small or large screen to become an action hero? Nope, because they do not understand that little bit extra of body control and coordination, balance, and the big picture that would translate to physical charisma. So these people would be the equivalent of the average pro cartoonist.

Then you have the tiny minority of one or two top and best of the best black belt that every school can boast of, the guy or gal that exudes utter competence and grace and deadly beauty.

Well if you understand martial arts and are at a mixed styles gathering you are awed by the best of the stylists regardless of their style. Just as it is with the professionals and their stylistic renderings.

Learn something from this? Nah, me neither!

Okay, so I'll drop the other shoe; art style is meaningless when the artist is among the world's very best. Good is good and style is only a true art form when the artist is at the very top of his or her form in comparison to other artists.

Post Script: Ooh-ooh! I forgot to talk about the popularity phenomenon!

I'll return to the world of martial arts here. Once upon a time, during the early 1950s, Japanese judo was the only martial art style known to the average United States citizen. Then a few years later they/we became aware of both Japanese and Okinawan karate styles.

Oh my God was there ever heated debate about the superiority or inferiority of these different styles .

Then guess what happened next? A few years later we discovered Kung-Fu and THAT was considered either totally bogus OR the most devastating and effective martial art in existence! Ahem, at the time no one realized that there were literally hundreds of utterly different styles existing under the umbrella of the Kung-Fu catch term.

Then there eventually followed fusion or combined styles martial arts, then we discovered Escrima and then Ninjutsu, . I can't recall off hand the next half-dozen or so stylistic revelations that followed, but each one without fail was temporarily considered the end all be all of martial arts effectiveness . . . until replaced by the next one to come along.

So while now Japanese styling is all the rage in a few more years either Chinese or Indian styling will probably supplant Japanese styling as the end all be all of the cartooning art world. So let's all keep an open mind about this stuff, eh?

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UltimaXG2 at 10:12PM, Feb. 4, 2008
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The Japanese drawing style is becoming more and more popular, but the ones who appreciate it are still looked down upon by classmates… For the most part…
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