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Is there a way to find new comments about my comic without looking at every page?
DungeonmasterJim at 11:21AM, March 24, 2009
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I didn't notice anything like this in the sticky about questioned already answered but I apologize if I missed it.

Is there any way to find new comments on my pages without having to relook at every page? I usually like to see what people say but with something like 100+ pages that I have posted it can be a beast looking through all the pages if a new comment is not posted in the last few updates of my comic.


DM Jim, creator of The Necropolis Chronicles posted here at the
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skoolmunkee at 3:05AM, March 25, 2009
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Nope, unfortunately there's not a way to do that. It's something that has been on our wishlist for a long time, and will be on there a much LONGER time unless Platinum suddently decides to be very generous and give us a coder.

It's especially annoying for people who have been on DD a long time- with the earlier versions of the site (5-6 years ago) we DID have a page that would do that…
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DungeonmasterJim at 9:18AM, March 25, 2009
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Well, not the answer I was hoping for but somewhat expected. Thank you, Skoolmunkee, for giving me a clear answer.

DM Jim
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legueu at 6:10PM, April 4, 2009
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You can see the latest comment in “My account” so if you are addicted to the DrunkDuck Notifier you can keep up to date. But yeah it is not the most efficient way.
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Pedes at 3:51PM, April 5, 2009
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Uh, that's really too bad. I have only 7 pages so far, but when one has more it can really become a chore…
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telruya at 12:55PM, April 7, 2009
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Yes, use the Drunk duck alerter on your computer. Once installed, and when you start it, a duck icon will be displayed in the tool bar right clicking on it brings a small menu bar up with “Favorites” and “My comics” which open into a separate bar, when ever someone comments on your comic, or a different comic updates, the icon will turn red and display the affected comic in a box above the icon.

click on the comic and it will take you to the page the comment was made on.

P.S I am aware legueu posted a comment about the notifier but it doesn't mention the Alerter itself.

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