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Is TV recovering from reality?
Hawk at 7:36PM, March 5, 2006
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It seems like there was a stretch of time for several years that I simply just did not want to watch TV. I think the reason was that most of the shows on TV were just so dang awful. TV networks were feeding us contrived situations that they liked to call “reality”. Nanny 911, The Bachelor, Survivor, Promiscuous Idiots Island, Real World… Those and about 300 more reality shows. They were not only cheap and stupid, they insulted our intelligence. Add that to the fact that my king of the TV world, The Simpsons, had really lost its shine. X-Files and Futurama are done. I spent the last three years watching VERY little TV.

Now, it's 2006. I suddenly find myself enjoying programs like LOST and The Office. 24 still has a bit of charm. Rumor has it many people out there are enjoying things like Alias and the Sopranos. My brother tells me that My Name is Earl is a lot funnier than the commercials made it look.

Do you think we've finally kicked the Reality fad? Do you find TV more watchable now? What are you watching?
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billyleake at 8:06PM, March 5, 2006
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I'd like to think so. It seems to me that reality shows are starting to run out of new and inventive ways to keep their audiences interested. The big thing on the apprentice is that they have candidates from all over the world. Unless
trump has access to some alien life forms I don't know about then I don't know how he's gonna keep that franchise going.
I also think the whole nanny thing, the wife swappin thing, the help-im-trapped-here-and-can't-get-away-thing are just gonna die out eventually.
Yeah I'm glad networks are starting to get back to drama and comedy with real actors and actresses, and to answer your question as to what I'm watching…

1. Family Guy
2. The Simpsons (even though the episode from this past sunday was horrible tripe I am going to watch it until the very end.)
3. The Office–Steve Carell is the man.
4. My Name is Earl–It's ten times funnier than the commercials make it seem, but if you didn't catch it from the first couple of episodes it may be kind of hard to get into.
5. Medium- I just have a thing for patricia arquette.
6. Scrubs–Extremely Witty
7. Law and Order SVU–It's the only law and order out of the 400 that are on that I'll watch. It has the best cast in my opinion.
8. E.R.–another sinking ship that I will go down with.
9. The Sopranos, Deadwood, Entourage–I gotta admit, HBO makes some
great TV.

10. Monk
and that's about it. I'll stop rambling now. Thanks hawk for allowing me to waste precious moments of my life Ill never get back.

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Terminal at 8:25PM, March 5, 2006
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Reality TV is gone, The fad is out now. Funny animation has declined with the premiers of American Dad, The New Season of Family Guy, Drawn Together (It`s funny at times, but it pure shock with little tibits thrown in.) The highest point of animation? the new season of South Park

As for tv? Malcom in the Middle is going out, That`s 70 Show is ending. Scrubs is as funny as ever, NBC hasn`t shown a new reality series in a while, except for The Apprentice or The Biggest Loser. My Name is Earl is the best new thing, (hi-def jokes, gotta love it) The Office is quite better than most things. NBC is the best network this time around. CBS is still with their crime dramas, ABC with their family sitcoms. Hell, even UPN struck gold with Everybody Hates Chris. As for the WB, teen dramas and the cancellation of Drew Carey`s Green Screen? Boo. Fox? 24, the lacking season of Family Guy and The Simpsons, the slightly bad American Dad, strong things like 24 and Prison Break, Three of their best shows going, King of the Hill, That`s 70 Show, and Malcom in The Middle. I still can`t help but feel the network is still hanging on to reality tv. Let it go Fox, please. The irony here being that FX is now the better network. Considering all the good shows they have The Shield, Over There, Rescue Me, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Starved, and Nip/Tuck. And their reality shows aren`t the just quick cash-ins. 30 Days and the upcoming Black. White.

2004 sucked, 2005 mildy sucked, until the last part of the year. It`s gonna be a kick ass year for TV.

Like one of Filter`s song once went. "Take a Picture" it`s not gonna last long, there`s a new fad on the horizon. I can smell it. And it burns.

.: Myxomatosis :.
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SarahN at 9:51PM, March 5, 2006
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Slowly. Very slowly it's going away. In my opinion anyway. They SO want to keep it around. God help them if they have to write something. :roll:

I still don't watch anything on TV really.
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Chameloncholic at 11:30PM, March 5, 2006
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Rome, Deadwood, Prison Break, My Name is Earl, Battlestar.

The only things worth turning a TV set on recently for.

If a meteor collided with whoever came up with the Idol concept the world would be a better place.
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isukun at 12:20PM, March 6, 2006
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Reality TV may decline at some point, but I'm not really seeing it now. The charts are still topped by shows like American Idol and Survivor with new shows still popping up both on the networks and cable stations. Hell, the cable service I have even has a Reality Network. Prime time dramas started gaining popularity around the same time as shows like American Idol and Survivor, though. CSI, 24, West Wing, Law and Order, and ER aren't exactly new and they've spawned far too many spinoff and clone programs. Some have naturally evolved into new areas like Lost, but most are pretty close to the same formula as the source material. We may notice these shows more because they don't seem as stupid to us and there are so many of them now.

As for the reality programs, though, the ones which have always been on top are still up there and those that can't keep up their old momentum are simply being replaced by shows like Dancing with the Stars or Skating with Celebrities.

.: isukun :.
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ccs1989 at 12:31PM, March 6, 2006
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As for if TV is getting better, overall I find that there are more good shows to watch. Sadly almost none of them are animated. (JLU only has 5 more episodes to go!)

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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ozoneocean at 2:34PM, March 6, 2006
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I don't actually watch TV at all anymore. I watched it less and less for years and now not at all. Reality TV probably holds most of the blame for that.

But what worries me is that all the writers, actors, directors, sound people, set people, costume people, make-up, lighting, prop guys, stunts, modle makers etc aren't getting as much work as they used to. If they can't learn their trade on all the shitty little shows that used to be around for them, what does that mean for the future of TV?
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Goblyn at 2:56PM, March 6, 2006
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I'll be happy when the reality fizzles out… We all (or most of us) live in reality… I think that fiction is muchmore entertaining… especially when animated!

My brother is an actor in a prime time drama (NCIS) and he sayas that reality TV is themost hated thing there is in LA… but the money guys who make shows love it… little to no overhead, some time a realatively small prize at the en, no actors, just a few hours of a host and a few camera men and you've got a hit show! No wonder all the actors/writes/etc hate them…
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Mazoo at 3:39PM, March 6, 2006
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I watch the news…

Does that count as Reality TV?
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hpkomic at 4:52PM, March 6, 2006
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For me, I still have what's left of Justice League, The Simpsons, a new season of The Venture Brothers, and Scrubs (when I find it on the air), and Mythbusters.

Plus I watch all the dorky History and Discovery channels.

So I'm not particularly suffering.
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