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It's time for Rick's Sticks!
Rick Blackheart at 1:09PM, May 12, 2007
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Hello people, my name is Rick Blackheart.
I joined this forum because i wanted to start my own webcomics. Even though i'm a co-mod at an other webcomic called Wizard Stix, i still have to stick to the rules that the real moderators made. Also, there aren't much people who look there anymore. So i decided that it's time to start one by myself.

I mainly specialize in comics which contain so-called “Stick figures”. I make these comics with Paint, because i don't have any other drawing program. I might get a more… decent drawing program later though. But for now, i'll stick to the combination of crappy looking characters and good jokes. ;)
Rick's Sticks
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Priceman at 5:03PM, May 12, 2007
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Good luck with your comic and welcome to the site!
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