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job worries..
blntmaker at 3:10PM, Aug. 23, 2008
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Just started a new job at a private school here in Los Angeles where they actually do background checks on every applicant. Through the check, they found out I had a comic and I STILL got hired.

Now, I'm 30% in the classroom doing technology integration and 40% technology administrator on campus, but it actually worked in my advantage to have the comic, especially given the content.

Once a week, I have to teach an enrichment class after-school and the head of school asked me if I'd be interested in teaching an art class that was Adobe Illustrator based. So I'm designing a “comic book” rubric.

Point is, If you're proud of what you do on the side, then there's no reason to have fears about what parents or administrators say about you. I work at a school where actors and people in the entertainment industry send their kids. I taught math, science and technology on the secondary level for years, but at this school, I'm all technology. Knowing you have something like a comic online can in most cases, enhance your resume from a digital art or media standpoint (I remember an artist on here talking about how she scored a sweet gig with a studio BECAUSE of her webcomic).

If your content is otherwise, then it might be time to adopt a pen name. Unfortunate, but if you're living in a fair conservative area with conservative parents, you may have to add extra protection to your livelihood.

Best thoughts to you though - the school year is getting ready to start.
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JazylH at 11:25PM, Aug. 26, 2010
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WOW! That's is so ridiculous. People can be so fickle at times, rmcool. I don't see how making a comic should even coincide with your teaching. I had no idea that this thing even happened until you mentioned it.

As long as your doing your job teaching I don't think they have any right to intervene in these matters & if they do I think you should ignore completely what they say. As long as you love making web comics I think you should keep at it. Although unrelated I had a friend who faced a similar problem( not comics related) but just a year back he ran into a massive success & now the same people who ridiculed him once go gaga around him.

Keep at it my friend.

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lefarce at 11:27PM, Aug. 26, 2010
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I'm a math teacher. (explanes why i can't spell.) I also post a comic here about a kid named Lan who makes zombies and a dragon named Warmwind. they are not the kind of folks you would want your kid to look up to. A friend told me my comic is not something that a teacher should be doing. That it could creat problems as parents might say i am teaching witchcraft encouraging Immoral behaviors ect. I don't tell my “kids” I do this. If they google me they will find it “Public Humiliation” a lot faster they they will find my class web page.. I keep dragons for the most part out of my classroom as a lot of folks object to them. what do you think ? what should i do if anything?

My hobby is blowing dudes behind dumpsters, but you don't see that affecting how people look at me at BK. Don't worry so much.

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ozoneocean at 2:59AM, Aug. 27, 2010
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Wow, I remember when this thread first appeared… soooo long in the past.

I just hope none of my employers ever find out about my all night drug binges and non-stop sex orgies with ladies of ill-repute.
Wearing cowgirl outfits…

Or that website with all those videos of my “performances”…

Oh noes! I've said too much! Shizza! O_o
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