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One of my favorite books…about a teenager who found out he could teleport, or ‘jump,’ and what he decided to do with that power….has been made into a movie. Of course, it's being made by Fox, and of course, they're killing the concept of the book. What else is new?

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magickmaker at 11:16AM, Dec. 16, 2007
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I saw the trailer and at first I was like, “Awesome! This was one of the only Book Bowl books I actually liked!” (It's a reading competition in my district. Got 1st one year and 3rd twice.) Then the trailer actually started and I relized that it was like whoever made the movie had heard of the book, maybe read an online summary or a book report of it, then decided to make a movie.

It stilll looks pretty good, though. I might like it if I don't compare it to the book when I see it.
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