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Just alittle unsure....
fahfehno at 7:35PM, Oct. 27, 2008
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Okay, I'm new so be kind. x3

I was just wondering if someone could explain the different genres? I understand a few like manga, photographic, sprite, stick figure and realism. At least I'm pretty sure I do. But I'm not totally clear on what exactly the others look like. Examples would be awesome, but I can deal with descriptions! ^__^

Thanks oodles for any input. :D
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skoolmunkee at 3:19AM, Oct. 28, 2008
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The genres are relatively flexible, they're just a way to help authors categorize their comics in a way that can make it easier for potential readers to find. :) I don't think people are assigning some of them quite the way Volte intended, probably because their meaning is unclear - so looking through a list of ‘experimental’ marked comics may not tell you much…

I'll just do the ones you didn't mention :)

Cartoon - for more cartoony styles, I'm guessing, like Eskimo Dave.

American - Styles that emulate an ‘american’ comic (vs how a ‘manga’ would emulate a Japanese comic). An american comic is usually seen as the stuff that DC and Marvel produce, but could also include newspaper strips

Sketch - a comic that is intentionally left unpolished. A lot of ‘journal’ comics end up here I think, just because their purpose is to capture ideas and not necessarily make a finished product. Other types of sketch comics are ones done in pencil, or maybe the author just has a really ‘sketchy’ drawing style.

Experimental - for more unusual styles or media. A comic made out of cut-out construction paper (like Panda Panda) or that uses flash to make it interactive (like LAX), etc.
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fahfehno at 6:58PM, Feb. 22, 2009
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Alright, I'm sorta dragging this thread from the grave because I'm still alittle unsure of where my style of drawing actually falls. xD If anyone would like to take a peek at my gallery and give me their input I would really appreciate it.

I'm thinking American… but I really, really don't know. >.>
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