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Tobias Phoenix at 2:29AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Now that that's out of the way…my name might be Tobias Phoenix, though you don't know that for sure. I was directed here by a friend in the hopes of meeting some new people, finding some humorous webcomics and of course to show off my own. But I'll post something in the HELWID forum.

Peace for now,
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AQua_ng at 2:49AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome, I hope we can meet your expectations!

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Cthulhu at 5:09AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Of course your name isn't Tobias Pheonix!

Welcome to DrunkDuck, Adam!
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D0m at 6:29AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome. Don't trust Cthulhu!

Nadya- a tale about what happens to SOME of us when we die.

Currently: Nadya is awake and asking more relevant questions.
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maritalbliss at 8:55AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome to the best darn webcomic on the internet, Tobias Phoenix!

You're friend was right to encourage you to join…see we have this plan…Wait! Too early to tell you about the plan, guess you'll have to stick around then.

Have fun with the comics and see 'ya around the posts!
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Insanity at 9:33AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome, Tobias Phoenix!

Good luck with your webcomic!

Thank God I came in time. *Shifts Eyes* Don't take the Cold Hot Cola! DON'T TAKE IT!!!!


That is all.

I feel a little bit like Hitler right now, too.
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usedbooks at 9:35AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome. Enjoy your new people and comedy. Remember, we aren't laughing at you; we're laughing with you – unless you do something really stupid. Then we're laughing at you. But that's a good way to meet even more new people, so go ahead.
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Priest_Revan at 11:18AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome to double D. Hope you have a good time reading others comics and making your own.
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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Kilre at 11:19AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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crazyninny at 11:25AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome! Hope you'll like being with the Duck here! ^_^
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Miss Annoying at 2:36PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Welcome Newy :)


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Team Rainbow
Poking FUN
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Lord Shplane at 8:13PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Hi. Who is this friend you speak of? It's ‘Thuly, isn’t it?
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Poke Alster at 9:49AM, Oct. 29, 2007
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trevoramueller at 9:07AM, Oct. 30, 2007
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The Duck is great, come on in!
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