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Justice League Unlimited
jalford at 11:48PM, May 6, 2006
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Saw the next-to-last episode of JLU tonight. Man that was great! It was all super villains vs. super villains. Anyone who read Villains United would have loved it. Just before you see what you think is Braniac showing up, you knew it was Darkseid, and now the Society and the League gotta team-up to stop him!

I'd say I like how JLU turned out from the original Justice League series. Although I wished they used more current heroes instead of some of the supremely obscure ones like Waverider or Aztek, or characters like Vibe that have either been dead in the comics since the original Crisis series or were phased out of the current timeline like 20 years ago. The modern Vigilante is that guy/girl in the ski outfit, not a cowboy. They definately needed more solid appearances from Nightwing and Batgirl too, unless Barbara Gordon has become Oracle by now.
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ccs1989 at 9:43AM, May 7, 2006
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I don't get exactly WHY Darkseid showed up instead of Braniac, but it was a cool episode.

Geez, Luthor is really obsessed with Brainiac though. Remember back when Braniac tried to kill him in the Superman Animated Series? I guess he buried the hatchet…

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Adariel at 11:22PM, May 11, 2006
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it wouldve been better for me if i knew half of the characters im watching half of the time. Im not exactly a comic book fanatic, but as it is, its a good show on my opinion.
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Chameloncholic at 2:05AM, May 12, 2006
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The modern Vigilante is that guy/girl in the ski outfit, not a cowboy.

No the modern Vigilante is the same cowboy, stuck in the past, returned to the future, was a background member of the JLA for a bit. Attempts to fight the Sheeda by assembling a modern Seven Soldiers, seems to get killed along with the rest (reapears later on), which is all pre crisis. Also, Shining Knight saving Vigilante in series one (or three) made me cheer. Young uns today, don't know they're born.

There were also 5 other incarnations of Vigilante which I'm not interested in at all.

Also, I clearly knew who he was. So maybe it's you guys that have the problem.
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jalford at 2:29AM, May 15, 2006
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Well, I mean characters that someone who's been into the DC universe within the last decade that they could recognize. How many times did Guy Gardner show up? There was a Leaguer! I was so pissed that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle didn't get an episode. They should've done an all-90s team episode. Make sure Capt. Marvel's in it!
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