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Kanga the Writing Recluse
Kanga at 7:38PM, Feb. 9, 2010
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Now, I have been on this site many times in my 3 years on the internet, and I can say this is the most user friendly comic website I have ever been on.
Now…where do I begin?
Oh yeah! I am a guy who goes by the name Kanga, and I love to write and read.
True, I have never written a comic before, but yet again, niether did most of you when you joined this site.
And NO, I will not say why I have a weird name that is related to a certain dance fad(Shiver); All I can say is that I am prepared to help the webcomic community thrive.
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Erad at 4:46PM, Feb. 10, 2010
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Hi Kanga!

Welcome to DD.

I wish you all the best. I'm glad that you are excited and enthused about this site.

Best of luck
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Kroatz at 4:13PM, Feb. 11, 2010
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Yay, go us!
The feeling you get, right before you poop.
That's the best feeling in the world.

- Albert Einstein
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Dave7 at 8:12PM, Feb. 11, 2010
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Hooray us! And welcome to the Duck!
Post your concerns about the preview page! Support raw html!

“That is not dead can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons death may die.”
~H.P. Lovecraft

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Kanga at 8:44PM, Feb. 11, 2010
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Thank you ^^
I hope to be of use.
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Peipei at 4:22AM, Feb. 12, 2010
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Hi there :D

I like Pie!
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