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Kids Creating webcomics
laughingman at 12:02PM, Aug. 12, 2008
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Hello, I work for a Media Production Company, we create short documentaries (like specials you might find on the History Channel) and sell them to other stations. Currently, I am working on this thing that may or may not air about kids behind new online media (such as YouTube videos, flash games…). I want to include kids who make webcomics, but don't know about any in particular. If anyone knows about kids under the age of 16 who are working on or have worked on a webcomic, please post leaving the webcomic's title, web-address and their name (or alias that they used). Thanks.
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skoolmunkee at 1:40PM, Aug. 12, 2008
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You must have a short memory because you made this topic already. Please go back and read your own old thread.
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