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Land Down Under
herio at 11:25PM, April 17, 2008
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i what this to be our anthem

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Aussie_kid at 7:19PM, April 20, 2008
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Nah, it needs to be a song you can't get sick of no matter how many times you hear it (I can stand Advance Australia Fair being played over and over at the Olympics, but I know I'd get sick of Land Down Under quickly, even if it did mean several gold medals)

A new song needs to be written… and in the film clip, we have a talking kangaroo sing it
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piraterpg at 9:39AM, April 21, 2008
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Sigh… that would be one hell of an anthem
… why are anthems generally so boring?

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Pineapple at 2:45AM, April 22, 2008
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The anthem we have now is a little bit racist if you listen to the words.

I like the song, “We are one, but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come…” It was on a Telstra ad once and I though they did it quite well.
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