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Last film you watched.
bravo1102 at 10:25PM, April 1, 2012
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And totally out of left field comes Gigi (1958) the magnificent Lerner/Loewe musical directed by Vincente Minelli (Liza's dad)  A complete  joy from beginning to end.  From back when an Oscar for best picture actually meant it was the best picture of that year.
ozoneocean at 10:24AM, April 2, 2012
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You're really burning through those golden oldies! ^_^
Today I decided to test out a feature on my phone… “HTC Watch” - a sort of video hire/rental thingo on my lovely Android phone. We don't have Nteflix over here, we do have some service or other that sort of does the same thing, but too much dicking around to try it, this phone app thing was much simpler.
The movie rental was 5 cents and you get two days to watch it.
Watching a movie on a phone screen isn't something you ideally want to do obviously, and nor did I, so I didn't: with an HDMI cord I hooked t up to a big TV. You could also just stream it wirelessly but none of my TVs do that :(
So, anyway, it played perfectly, no issues setting it up, it's just like watching any other HDMI connected thing.
Now to the movie:
Friends with Benefits
This was a romantic comedy chick flick. I chose it because A: it was only 5c, and B: the title was suggestive of sex.
It starred Justin Timberlake and some starlet with a Greek name… Kunis?
Timblerlake is a far better actor than he is a singer. He does some singing in those movie and it is absolutely horrible, unless he's doing a comedy song, then it's passable.
Timberlake and Kunis are not very believable, to me, as professionals in New York, they look far too young and childish still for those sorts of roles. Both lack any gravitas or presence. They just don't work well as “adults” unfortunately.
Funilly enough this film was an obvious ad for Sony, With prominently branded Sony crap EVERYWHERE! Every TV, computer and phone…
There was an ipad though, not a Sony S tablet, that was interesting… But it didn't work properly so that was probably why.
Surprisingly for such a throw-away sort of film like this they DID spend all the cash on the locations in New York and LA, with the Hollywood sign very prominent, also many prominent actors (many popular sitcom people) and Woody Harlson as a gay sports writer.
My final verdict is that it's a competent romance chick-flick sort of thing. No great lines, moments, or insights though. This is vapid, superficial and about as intellectual as a magazine column … but that's still a lot more than most action and special effects feature films though.
Yep, it was competent and reasonably watchable.
lba at 8:54PM, April 2, 2012
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What you have to realize Oz is that pretty much every guy in his 20's ( and for some odd reason, almost every Marine I've ever met. ) seriously wants to sleep with Mila Kunis ever since she featured on That 70's Show. I don't know why, but it's enough for a movie like that to turn a profit in domestic box office numbers.

I never realized that Netflix wasn't a global thing either though. Go figure.

I just finished 3 different flicks around the same time. For whatever reason, I can only sit through about 30 min before getting antsy, so I ended up watching Star Wars: A New Hope, Nerdcore Rising and Cashback all at the same time. Obviously everyone knows Star Wars, so I won't waste time on it other than to say that I was hideously disappointed to rent the “original, theatrical cut” only to find CGI Jabba, Mos Eisley and other crap added or changed from the 1993 remastered versions I grew up with.

So far as Nerdcore Rising goes, I actually ended up upgrading it from my previous viewing of it, because on second viewing, it's a way better production value than I gave it credit for. To get an idea of what it's like, imagine a musical genre that pulls the most entertaining parts of gangster rap, rips out the violence mysogeny and drugs, and then replaces all that with lyrics about porn addiction, programming and comic books. Then, imagine a tongue-in-cheek documentary following the guy who accidentally gave the genre a name and face, and that's pretty much Nercore Rising.

And as for Cashback, it's kind of a weird British version of Clerks with more sex, some soccer, and a touch of the kind of humor you'll find in Shaun of the Dead. It's hard to describe really. The movie focuses on a young artist who gets dumped, realizes he can't sleep any more and that his inability to sleep allows him to stop time, which he uses to get his life sorted out in a very twisted, obtuse way. It's definitely worth a watch if you're a movie junkie like I am, but I don't know how much the average “I like transformers” viewer would like it.

And now I'm done. Holy crap that was a lot to type out.
Dark Pascual at 9:32PM, April 2, 2012
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Just seen Adventures of Tintin…
I may be biased because I loved the comics and I'm a fanboy for Steven Moffat, but it was great, IMO…
Know that a lot of people doesn't like CGI animation that much, but it was awesome how the movie made de models realistic and cartoony at the same time…
Speaking of which, saw few bits of Tekken: Blood Vengeance (last 20-30 minutes)…
Nothing amazing about it story wise… but the Animation is beautiful.
Coincidentlly, watched it a couple of days before the Spoony Experient Review of it…
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ayesinback at 10:42AM, April 3, 2012
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Notes On A Scandal 
Phenom actresses Judy Dench and Cate Blanchett at their best.  oopha - Dame Judy really gave an awesome performance as a brilliant and sexually frustrated teacher who's on the prowl for a “companion”. 
Bill Nighy had a supporting role as Cate's husband.  He's always fun to watch, imo – a little out there, so his performances can haave some unexpected “pop”s along the way.
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bravo1102 at 7:04AM, April 5, 2012
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My wife and I love Bill Nighy ever since we saw him in Love Actually 

Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss (1978) The eight hour TV miniseries that manages to stuff in everything about the Holocaust into eight hours and it's spectaular.  There's this young actress playing the gentile wife of James Woods' Jewish artist.  I predict big things for her in the future.  Name of Meryl Streep.  This started her career and she is a really good.  

Michael Moriarity is just a touch too banal as the epitome of SS evil but he's one of those eclectic actors and the performance only makes sense when everything falls apart.  And you gotta see David Warner as Reinhardt Heydrick (He'd reprise the role in SS: Portrait in Evil) and Ian Holm as Himmler. There are a few problems with chronology (Rudi is at Sobibor after the Warsaw Uprising when the Sobibor revolt was months before the uprising.  At the same time the Allies are mentioned to be in France when they wouldn't be so for another year.  Then the next scene is the liberation of Auschwitz which was two years after Sobibor.  So we skip between 1943-1944 and back again)

Of course Holocaust would lead to miniseries about many of the things it deals with in passing. The woman's band at Auschwitz, Sobibor, the Warsaw Uprising (two actually, one with Lele Sobieski being marginally better) and so on. But Holocaust really started it all in 1978 even to being responsible for introducing the word “Holocaust” into the German language.

Of course since it's one of my VHS cassettes the next program on the tape is Decisive Weapons: T-34 the queen of tanks.  You want to see them Nazis get theirs what better way than seeing a documentary touching on Prokharovka when the cream of the SS got slaughtered by hordes of T-34s.
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ozoneocean at 4:09AM, April 8, 2012
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lba wrote:
Nerdcore Rising
That reminds me of anything from They Might Be Giants, or Bare Naked Ladies (neither rap, but pretty nerdy), or this song my Mexicano 777:
All the usual sex and violents, especially from the performers “Evils” and God knows what Mexicano is singing about, but Tonedeff has lot's of lovely nerdy references:
You'll be squeelin' just like a therimin
You can be a geologist and you'd be hardly rocking
De-fragmented like a hard drive partition defect
More reseach tells me that the song those lyrics originally come from is called "book of the Dead, and that guy wasn't Tonedeff, this guy is:
…Still, El Doctor is way better :)
My latest film:
The Usual Suspects.
I'd held of watching this one for a loooong, loooong while because spoiling this one has become a running joke by every F%&%ing loser pretentious cockwit gobsocket.
But it was going for 5c, through the same thing as Friends with Benefits, so I go it and had a look.
Now this one was a strange one because many of the actors were not naturals for those roles, very obviously… It was very much like a play in that regard. There were also many deliberate anachronisms, like the very old style suites and hats that many of the characters wore, while others didn't so that that were like actors in a play in costume… Clothes from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and the 90s when the film was made. The NYC police cars were an older style (early 80s?) and the ship were the shootout took place was an actual  museum piece from the 20s or the 1910s.
They don't even run ships like that in third world ports in Africa anymore.
Add to this the clever, unreal, arty feel of the whole thing and you have a pretty dreamlike quality to the film- not strong but enough not to let you be subdued by the more naturalistic parts… Which fits with the clever reveal towards the end in such a neat way.
The Usual suspects was a stylish, good looking, clever, neat movie.
 …Keyser Söze
And it was great to see Giancarlo Esposito in another role… I'm late to the party of course, but he was so brilliant in Breaking Bad so he's memorable to me now.
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Hawk at 4:17PM, April 10, 2012
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Cowboys and Aliens
All sorts of problems.  Very few of the actors even made convincing cowboys.  In fact, the pastor and the bartender felt like modern-day people who had traveled back in time to pretend to be cowboys, and were doing a terrible job of it.  A lot of it was silly, too.
But you know what?  It was still a little entertaining.  It's probably a good think I went in with low expectations.  I guess maybe it's to Harrison Ford's and Daniel Craig's credit that a movie with so many problems can still come off as “kind of fun” in the end.
The Darkest Hour
It's like this film had an entirely douchebag cast.  I found myself having a hard time believing or caring about some software moguls in their early twenties who were “really hip” because they made social networking software based around dance clubs, but now they're among the last holdouts in an interplanetary war.  Thankfully the aliens were a new twist I hadn't seen before, but it didn't keep the movie from being really, really dumb.
The Muppets
It was fantastic.  Best thing I've seen in months.  Strangely, the humans in this movie seemed more artificial than the puppets did, and I can't think of a more predictable celebrity guest star than Jack Black.  But the movie was pretty much heaven for a lapsed Muppets fan.
Genejoke at 9:21AM, April 11, 2012
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ryan reynolds in a coffin for two hours…  strangely it's actually not bad considering.  A shame that the ending ruined it, I can't say much without spoiling it.  
Red state.
Certainly not a typical Kevin smith film, in fact it has more in common with no country for old men.  Not that it is much like that but overall but there are parrallels.  Not a bad film but hard to recommend.
10 things I hate about you.
This is one of those films i've never seen despite the amount of times people have told me that I should see it.  It was amusing enough but failed to really get the balance between humour and drama quite right.
ozoneocean at 8:28AM, April 13, 2012
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I am currently watching "Loser"
It's a film from 2000.
The ONLY reason I'm watching this movie is because ofthe 200o hit song Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatas and that funny, cliche, cool story they have in the video clip:
I am very surprised and disappointed to find that the video they made for the song has nothing to do with the movie except the two actors and soooort of the guy being a loser in both things..
The film is a fish out of water Rom-com:
A cliched innocent from a tiny town moves to the big mean city of New York to study at the university there and gets put upon and taken advantage off by all those mean cynical New Yorkers… Then he meets a girl he likes and things seem to pick up slowly…
The fashions in this film are funny… The chief bullies who're supposed to be ladies men all dress like gay club-goers. The “cynical” uncaring New Yorkers thing is waaay overplayed… I think this might be one of those famous US cultural myths, like cowboys or something since it's not just a caricature but treated like a given truth, as with the “nice” and innocent small town kid.
Another interesting thing is all the “indie” rock that pops up that was so popular in the very late 90s and early 2000s: Everclear, Blink 182, Wheatas etc.
I haven't seen the end of the film yet because it is REALLY cliche and getting on my nerves. I mean it is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves, especially since I wanted to see a movie about the cliched  thing in the Wheatas video clip not a rom-com about a fish out of water at university being bullied by stupid rich kids with gay hair and plastic pants! :(
Trying to sit through the end now, I may change my mind when it's done… May not.
I got through it. It didn't get better… well it got a little better in that the hero character predictably grew balls etc. but it was still lame, especially compared to the music vid… If the gal had given him two tickets to Iron Maiden… :(
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Genejoke at 12:29AM, April 14, 2012
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Don't be afraid of the dark (2011)
produced by Guillermo del toro and it shows, it has everything you expect from one of his films.  In many ways it plays out like a cross between pans labrinth and gremlins, and not in a bad way even though it probably isn't as good as either of those films.  It's more a straight forward supernatural horror with some instances where logic seems non existant but it does succeed in other ways.  The creatures are creepy and it is visually impressive, really capturing the creepy feel of the mansion and the goings on within.  it's refreshing to watch a horror like this when most film makers are more interesting in gorno, I guess it's a throwback to the eightes and that suits me fine.
Genejoke at 12:38AM, April 14, 2012
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Impostor (2001) 
Based on a philip K dick short story about a future when humanity is at war with an alien race.  No it's not like starwars, the war is only glimpsed at as the story is about a scientist who is allegedly replaced by an alien replicant and his search for truth.  It's a modestly budgeted film but looks fairly strong considering.  A decent sci fi movie but not a classic. 
Interestignly enough i tried watching it years ago and couldn't get into it at all but I'm glad I gave it a shot last night, even though it meant I didn't get very far making the next page of BASO.
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Genejoke at 12:48AM, April 14, 2012
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The Mechanic
It's a Jason Statham action flick, do you need to know more?  Okay it's a pretty good one, not a classic by any stretch of the imagination but entertaining enough.
I do wonder why film makers try and get Statham to try an american accent as he sucks at it big time, he's far better when acting more natural.  
Hawk at 10:22AM, April 16, 2012
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I watched Cabin in the Woods last weekend.  They must have done something either very right or very wrong, because I hate slasher movies and I really liked this movie.  But of course, it's not your typical slasher movie.  It's written by Joss Whedon, and I won't really get into what its catch is, so that I don't spoil it.  But it's worth watching.

Genejoke wrote:
Impostor (2001) 
Based on a philip K dick short story about a future when humanity is at war with an alien race.  No it's not like starwars, the war is only glimpsed at as the story is about a scientist who is allegedly replaced by an alien replicant and his search for truth.  It's a modestly budgeted film but looks fairly strong considering.  A decent sci fi movie but not a classic. 
Interestignly enough i tried watching it years ago and couldn't get into it at all but I'm glad I gave it a shot last night, even though it meant I didn't get very far making the next page of BASO.
I saw this one years ago at the theater and enjoyed it.  Afterward, I was surprised to find that it didn't fare very well with the critics.  I think just going into the movie with no expectations did a lot for me, because I just had a fun time.  I watch it again about a year ago and decided that it's still a fun movie.
bravo1102 at 7:17AM, April 17, 2012
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And yet again out of left field:

Heartburn (1986) Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson get married with all the complications.  It was among the first of Nora Ephron's efforts and really one of the best.  The supporting cast is great and if you blink you'll miss Kevin Spacey in an early role.

Seabiscuit  With the narration and delivery you'd think it's a documentary about the Depression.  But it isn't really.  A fabulous movie about a time the country needed something to believe in and an underdog showed up to prove you could survive and overcome.  My mother really liked it because she lived it and remembered all about Seabiscuit.  It's funny to see the digital scoreboard at Pimlico race track.  Don't think they had that in 1938.  You'd think with all the digital editing and matte painting they did they'd have erased that too. 
Genejoke at 2:04AM, April 25, 2012
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High fidelity
One of those films I have always heard how awesome it is yet never got round to seeing.
it's okay, not exactly funny but pleasantly charming and Jack black isn't that annoying in it.
Chasing amy
Another film i've been meaning to check out for years and hadn't.  It's okay, a lot of good stuff in it but let down by the happy ending.
Genejoke at 10:22AM, April 27, 2012
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The avengers (assemble over here in the UK)
Damn.  best blockbuster film in years, funny, dramatic and action packed.  Do yourself a favour and go see it.   perhaps even in 3D as it's good in 3D, not quite avatar good but effective none the less.  I usually avoid 3D showings but it was worth it in this case.
skreem at 10:33AM, May 5, 2012
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The Woman in Black.
To be fair to the ghost, I would be annoyed to come home and find Harry Potter rummaging around in my stuff. but that aside, I would recomend it for a bored afternoon, you can see most of the scares a mile off but it's still fun :)
ozoneocean at 1:42AM, May 6, 2012
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Tomb Raider
-Just as awful as you'd think it would be.
Had a few known and noted actors in it,, one Skreem should be very fammiliar with: Leslie Philips.
There was of course Angelina Jolie in the title role, who's supposed to be sexy to someone, her dad was played by her dad John Voigt. They both did passable English accents, but Jolie often sounds a bit Aussie at times. Noted Australian actor Noah Taylor played her pet dork. Chris Barrie played a silly butler, and British Daniel Craig played an American rival tomb raider, mystifyingly.
Jolie as Lara Croft: They gave her pretend tits so she'd look like the character, but forgot to give her hips or a bottom too, so she has an awkwardly mannish adolescent body with obviously fake boobs…
As for the movie itself, it was basically made out of the dullest bits of the games, all the bits that made the franchise crap and lost people's interest- the cut scene type bits, her talking to a dork via a headset, the bits with too much focus on direct conflict rather than exploring mysterious tombs and solving tricky puzzles with clever acrobatics, and so on.
I couldn't wait for it to finish.
So much for a 5c rental.
I've also got the second one lined up as a rental… Watching it will now be an ordeal. -_-
Genejoke at 11:50AM, May 6, 2012
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I still haven't watched the second tomb raider, the first was bad enough.  As far as concepts go you'd think tomb raider would be hard to fuck up, but boy did they manage it.
bravo1102 at 11:20PM, May 6, 2012
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I prefer watching interminiable 1930s and 1940s jungle B-movie/serials to the Tomb Raider films.  Though I must admit that is this woman existed in the real world she probably would look like the lithe athletic Angelina Jolie with breast implants rather than the video game fantasy.  Though just think if they had gotten Jennifer Connelly to do it.

Anyhow of late I've seen  Beaches, First Wives Club and a pile of other estrogen drenched tear jerkers as I'm working my way through my mother's video collection.  I like Bette Midler.  
Dark Pascual at 11:32PM, May 6, 2012
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-The Avengers: IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!! 
Again, I may be partial towards Joss Wheddon (Firefly/Serenity is great, IMO) but it was such a fun movie, the characters are great and the action was well shot. I've seen a lot of comments saying that this is what Michael Bay movies SHOULD be, and I guess I could agree. All in all, it was tons of fun, I probably would watch it again on theaters soon and just hope that Dark Knight Rises turns out to be as good as this one (on other level, of course).

-The Help: Thought it was good. Heard that some critics thought that it was condescendent or patronizing and that glossed over a lot of the problems that domestic workers faced back then, I guess that is the sort of thing that it comes with the territory when Hollywood is involved. I cannot talk about the movie as a statement about the Civil Rights Movement or how historically accurate it was since I'm not from the US, but as a movie I thought it was good, it had good writting, some interesting characters  and I don't think it was preachy or sanctimonious. It's not “The Color Purple” but it was alright…

-My Name is Nobody: Love how Terence Hill and Henry Fonda seem to be in totally different movies and just happen to found each other in this story. It could have been way better if Sergio Leone could have directed all the movie, but Terence Hill is brillant and the Ennio Morricone's score was good. 
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ayesinback at 1:00PM, May 12, 2012
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Melancholia (2011)
No doubt, not for everyone - but it is beautifully powerful, and powerfully beautiful.
A ballet of a film:  slow, not immediately embraceable, but with an underlying current that is negligible at first and unescapable at last.
The characters are sketched and gradually developed.  The unimportant characters fall away, and the main ones become hauntingly real.
Not for those who demand action.  But an amazing achievement as a film.  Highly recommended.
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ozoneocean at 10:50PM, May 16, 2012
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Some more 5 cent rentals:
Charly's Angels.
I absolutely refused to see this for so long. Mainly because of this stupid sexist notion that it was a “chick” action flick… ie. not one with sexy chicks IN it, but one meant for chicks…
Yeah… quite often even I am embarrassed at the way my mind works…
So, thie film- I was in the mood for having my brained revved up by high-octane film silliness and this fit the bill better than expected. I didn't have high hopes for it but it turned out to be a completely non serious romp that clearly acknowledged the whole “movie made about a 70s TV show” thing again and again, with far better stints and action than the Tomb Raider film.
All in all pretty damn good.
Tomb Raider II: cradle of life.
I wasn't going to watch it, but took the jump anyway.
They seem to be going for a bit of a James bond thing…?
Anyway, While Jolie is still not that great a fit for the character and not really that attractive, I don't think she was really supposed to be in this film, and it worked.
The worst thing about the movie was the horrible poster featuring her in that UGLY silver/white wetsuit… that and the digital FX were super cheap and crappy. Pre-Jurassic park crappy.
But, this movie was a massive improvement over the first and actually worth watching! I was shocked! Maybe it was just that my expectations were so low, but I really felt this one was pretty good.
It was more like the games  in a lot of ways too and this one wasn't all about skinny boyish Jolie strutting about waving a pair of big fat fake shirt stretchers.
711 ocean drive.
This wasn't a rental, it was just free online.
It was an old black and white Noirish cop/gangster movie from 1950…
An interesting period stylistically- The US then is still covered with that beautiful 1930's art Deco aesthetic, especially now it actually had the money to indulge. All the men's suits women's dresses, the cars, hairstyles, the architecture is solidly late 30s because almost all change had been halted by WW2.
at 1950 the US was just on the cusp of a new wave of progress, money, technological change, cultural change, and a conservative backlash…
And you see some of this in the movie.
Here's a still from near the end, at what was called “boulder dam” (supposed to be in Southern California…? Ah checked IMDB, apparently that's just what the Hoover damn was still known as then). Note the fantastic 1930s art Deco statues, dam buildings and plinths:

The film itself was ok. The dialogue was that silly quickfire banter that Gunwallace sends up in the 2012 radio play and at the end they have a public service announcement about the evils of gambling.
In the film a small time gambler and electronics expert joins a semi-legal bookmaking operation and with his technological expertise with telephonic and radio technology he improves the efficiency of the operation massively, all the while becoming further involved in the underworld, till he seizes control of the operation himself.
He can have the women he likes, the money, anything…
Then it goes down hill when the big boys from the east coast take over and it spirals out of control with paid hits, blackmail, and murder, ending up with a shootout at the dam.
The acting quality varied a lot. The cinematography was pretty basic and staid mostly. Points of interest were the costumes, the cars, the architecture… As well as the portable radio tech mentioned in the film, which was pretty clever.
One other thing- the style of suits then was to try and make the man look like he was a wedge shape, with a great big chest, wide shoulders and slim hips and waste… which was terrible since almost all the men in the movie has normal straight up and down figures with normal sized shoulders and chests, some even a bit podgy, so the suits invariably made these guys look blocky, a bit overweight, with tiny fat little arms because the shoulders were so huge on their jackets.
Meanwhile the women were stuck in those conservative backlash 1930s style wasp-wasted corsets that gave them pointy boobs…
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ozoneocean at 6:15AM, May 19, 2012
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The 2009 version of Star Trek.
It wasn't bad at all. Being yet another reboot thing I expected it to be a bit newish, plastic and crap. But it was ok.
Needless to say this was a film I only watched because it was a 5 cent rental.
They incorporate it in the series by doing the whole alternate reality thing, which was done well here and not at all clunky.
The old TV style costumes were cool, I think they even incorporated the Enterprise series costumes, but I never really watched that so I'm not sure.
LOTS of ultra nerdy nods to the fanbase… That Koboyashi Maru meme some people never shut-up about, Kirk having it off with the green skinned girl, Spock being the captain, Leonard Nemoy being in it, The Vulcan landscape being made up of that tilted rock from the famous episode that was also referenced in Bill and Ted…
And so on.
Very epic, well written, enjoyable. Obviously no where near as clever as the other films, which tend to focus on bigger, smarter subjects, which was one aspect of the original shows, this film goes back to the other aspect of the original series which was just plain fun action and a fast driving plot.
Most of the inside of the ship (the technical engineering section guts) resembled a brewery…?
And It's still weird for me to see Eric Banna as an American voiced bad guy. I grew up with him on Aussie TV in sketch comedies… Very funny guy one upon a time.
The other film I watched was “I love you Bro”
Starring Paul Rudd, the Marshal guy from how I met your mother and the Anne girl from Parks and Rec.
This was a stupid film, very much in the mode of Step Brothers.
Boring, dragging, droning shiz.
Paul Rudd appeared to be going for a sort of pre-drama Tom Hanks sort of vibe but fails horribly because he is just such a blank, unlovable, inexpressive person who is very, very irritating!
He's far better in other sorts of roles, not as a loveable comedy lead. It doesn't work.
ozoneocean at 7:55AM, May 20, 2012
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The Three Musketeers
-the most recent version.
This is basically the modern Saturday morning cartoons version of the story. Strictly a kids movie I'd say.
Some very shoddy CGI scenes in this considering when it was made- mainly the horrible CGI titles and the various environmental scenes like water effects and background scenes. Very amateurish. The CGI airships were ok though.
Nasty “bullet time” effects constantly in fighting scenes, and those weren't the only cliches: the dialogue was almost entirely structured out of them, and many, many stupid poker metaphors.
Last of the major criticisms- This movie had a LOT of very good English actors, who for some reason are almost all doing bad American accents.The D'Artagnan actor had by far the worst voice of all, he sounded like a stupid drunken US frat-boy, and I'm pretty sure that was his real voice. That kid also has such a bland, characterless face, it's like pink putty. Very forgettable.
On the good side, the rest of the Musketeer actors and indeed most of the actors in the film, especially James Corden both looked the part and did a good job… Amusing to see Dexter Fletcher (D'Artagnan's dad) reprising the American accent he had in his old TV show Press Gang, but he seems to have lost some of that skill in the interviewing years.
The airship things were nicely done, if very, very silly, and not well designed… at least they LOOKED great, despite being obviously physically impossible.
The costumes were magnificently made and looked wonderful, even if they were a mix of 14, 15, 16, and 17th century styles all mashed up together.
So all in all despite my numerous criticisms this was great film for its target audience.
I can't help thinking it would've been a LOT better if they'd have just dispensed with the three Musketeer thing altogether though and made it a pure fantasy instead. The whole three Musketeer thing is more of an unwanted anchor here than a real help.
Genejoke at 4:54AM, May 23, 2012
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You largely hit the nail on the head, it's got a lot wrong with it yet it's starngely enjoyable.
The script was horrible, i know it was never going to be deep but the dialogue was just terrible.  As you say the kid who played D'artagnian was bland and somewhat annoying, yep he is american too.
James Cordon was just annoying, as per usual.
Orlando Bloom was actually really good in it, which is amazing as he can't act for shit normally.
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Hawk at 10:50PM, May 23, 2012
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I finally watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today.  I hadn't read the book, but I watched the BBC miniseries of it about 15 years ago.
I have pretty mixed feelings about it.  I'll betcha there are fans of the book that had all sorts of problems with it.  But for me and what little I can remember about the miniseries, inaccuracies were of little concern to me.  As expected, it delivered on the dry british wit for me, but felt so condensed that the story wasn't interesting at all.
Probably the chief problem was that it never gave me any reason to care about any of the characters.  Even when they were in danger, I thought, “The earth is destroyed and these people don't really seem to be reacting naturally to it, so why should I care what happens to them.  What's one or two more dead humans?”  I'm sure it was because a lot of character development was removed to make it into a single movie.
Also, I hate Zoey Deschanel.  Yeah, she's cute.  But she's alwasy pushed as the “quirky cute girl” in a hipster kind of way.  Strangely, it was really nice to see her in this movie without her fake eyelashes and acting like a human being instead of the poster child for eccentric doe-eyed space cadets everywhere.  Didn't help me like Trillian any better, but oh well.
So it's hard to care what goes on in a movie where even the characters aren't taking the events seriously.  But it was also far from unenjoyable.  I'm glad I saw it, because now I know where the phrase “Thanks for all the fish” comes from.  But there isn't a whole lot more I got out of it.
Dark Pascual at 12:00AM, May 28, 2012
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Predator 2: This has to be one of the most underrated action movies of ALL TIME. Hell, I dare to say that is almost as good as the original, or at least I enjoyed it almost as much as the Arnie's one. Action packed, cool characters and the Predator is as badass, however, the movie doesn't seem to get that much love… shame, because is MILES away from that Alien Vs Predator fiasco… Still have to catch Predators.
ozoneocean at 10:23AM, May 30, 2012
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After years and years of procrastinating I finally saw Legend.
Just as Ridley Scott convincingly created an amazing SciFi world for Blade Runner, so he created a fantastic fantasy world here.
And Legend represents an extinct species of film:
A fantasy fairytale NOT aimed at under 13 year olds.
…and also a fantasy film with animated effects, costumes etc that does not completely rely on cheap CGI.
There were times when the effects didn't work 100%, but that was comparatively rare, it was filmed mostly well enough that they worked around the limitations exceptionally. If it was done with modern effects they'd have still had the same proportion of wobbles anyway as modern CGI ALWAYS does one  way or another.
Time Curry as Darkness was incredible. Tom Cruise as the pretty-boy hero was passable, he was out-acted soundly by the boy that played the fairy prince Gump. Even lip syncing all his words that kid acted the the undies off of Cruise! All the dwarfy elvy fairy people were fantastic. The princess was much the same as Cruise.
The scenes at the beginning of the film were a bit confusing, but looked marvellous, mainly when the unicorn is killed… but it picked up well following on from that.The constant whale song was a little trying though.
Legend really was a true epic. A gorgeous film!

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