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Last film you watched.
ozoneocean at 5:56AM, June 2, 2012
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Staring Johnny Dep, about George Jung, a drug dealer who started with Cannibis in the 1970s  and then moved to cocaine, through to the 80s.
It had some potential and Dep leant the whole thing Hollywood glamour, as did Ray Liotta playing his dad, but that didn't take away from the fact that it's pretty much “TV movie of the week” sort of material and treatment.
Very sentimental, facile, superficial, flat.
The best thing about the film was probably Dep's hair. …or wigs.
ozoneocean at 9:14PM, June 5, 2012
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Staring the guy who played Rosane's son DJ in the sitcom Rosane, with Seth Rogan with his farty voice as the sidekick “bro” with a heart of gold.
Decent touchy feely gentle comedy about a young guy with cancer in his spine, given a 50% chance of survival.
Dog Days
This was an Austrian film, seemed to be done in Lar Von Trier's Dogma style- no camera tricks, pretty actors, makeup, all real lighting and so on.
Like most Dogma films this one dragged on, using that dogma thing as an excuse for its lack of style or direction: “I'm arty because I'm Dogma! You can't judge me, don't even try! I'M DOGMA BITCH!”
It's about a couple of really hot days in some horribly stulifying middle class, sterile, Austrian, suburban area. Almost all the people are fat, sweatty and old.
It's not a pleasent look at the hyporcacies of the Austrian middle-class, and it's not supposed to be. It's one of those obvious films that points out all the deviancy and strangeness behind the barriers of normality. The best example of that is the group-sex orgy sequence in the dimly lit sex club, when a woman finishes up, gets dressed in the locker room, heads out the door and emerges into a crowded shopping centre.
That was really all they had to have in the whole film. But unfortunately it dragged longer… there was some vaguely interesting relationships and lots of improvised dialogue, but the style precludes you from ever getting involved or feeling for the characters. You're a detached, appalled observer, nothing more.
Especially appalling were the guys in leather trousers, para-silk tracksuits, and stone-wash jeans… Apparently Austrians are quite a lot less stylish than their German neighbours.
ozoneocean at 10:56PM, June 12, 2012
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Blade Runner
This was the remastered directors edition.
It's the first time I've seen that version and the first time I've rewatched Blade Runner since I first saw it in the drive-in soooooo loooong ago!
- The designs and the gritty proto-cyberpunk vision of the future is still amazing and unmatched today.
- Most of the effects while lovely and ambitious and frequently pretty jerky. Maybe that's only the remastered version though?
- The story-telling is bad. Not much focus… Which makes it more arty, interesting and realistic. SO GOOD not to have a movie chained to its plot in a boring way.
- Harrison Ford was wooden. He'd been acting in a few big movies by then, so that's surprising. Not a good performance from him all up
- Rutgar Heuaer was magnificent. Best actor in the whole film. Amazing performance. Too bad he went on to B films and Ford went on to super-stardom.
ozoneocean at 10:33PM, June 17, 2012
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A brother and sister get sucked into one of those ancient Goody-two-shoes 1950s sitcoms… It turns out it's a real world, and their actions change it… changing the monochrome to colour.
Soooo… this had nice big and bold obvious symbols all in black and white (literally)- huge metaphors impossible to ignore. But the film recognised that fact, it wasn't done in a way that was patronising, rather it was all very knowing and silly (even though there's a serious message there) which kept it quite fun.
Good film!
The theme of the film is a nice pat version of the changes America went through in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. The kids bring colour, sex, art, pop-music, and a greater awareness of the outside world to the perfect black and white, insular, ultra-conservative place that is Pleasantville. Conservative stand-outs resist the change, there’s violence, things are not so “pleasant” anymore, but eventually it rolls over them as well.
One of my fave parts was the Adam & Eve Eden temptation bit where the  girl plucks a nice red apple for the boy and encourages him to eat it, later Don Knott's TV repairman/God character integrates him about the incident and threatens to through him out of Pleasantville because of it. Very funny.
Aaaand of course Don Knotts was a key character in The Andy Grifiths Show, which was what Pleasantville was parodying…
The only single criticism I have is that the movie was based on that incorrect idea about American history- that there was this big conservative monolith and then it changed overnight to be more open during the 60s.
The REAL change was that conservative forces locked down tighter and tighter in the early 20th century, and the 50s was the time they were at their strongest.
ie. that was the big Empire Strikes Back moment and more significant than the Ewok era Return of the Jedi 1960s, which were in many ways a return of the reforms and freedoms that had already been happening before the 1950s.
Faliat at 5:36PM, June 19, 2012
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I saw Full Metal Jacket for the first time the other night.
It was good, but I think it was more like watching two different movies. The Island segment doesn't really tie in with the Vietnam part very well. Both parts are great in their own right but in different ways. That was kind of jarring for me.

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

- Rekkiy (NerveWire)
ozoneocean at 10:23AM, June 25, 2012
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It was probably meant to be that way to show the massive contrast and disconnect between the closed in, bizarre world in the training camp and the reality of Vietnam?
Fist Full of Dollars
This Sergio Leone film is a masterpiece- waaaaay better than all those Eastwood directed  Me-To films that came later. The story was nothing magnificent, just harsh and very amoral, the acting was mostly pretty decent, but where this film shined was the cinematography! Beautiful shots just so amazingly perfectly set up, scene after scene of breath-taking awesomeness! SO artistic. Wow.
This one was worth seeing again.
Leone has as much story and plot development just in his close ups of faces and brilliantly composed scene shots as he does in the dialogue-heavy parts.
The last line in the film where Eastwood's character describes how he doesn't want to be caught between the Mexican and US governments draws a nice parallel between what he was doing between the two rival gangs that ruled the town and what that town itself does between those two governments.
This one was a great film. Shows the gritty glory that can be achieved without horrible Hollywood digital over-production, wire stunts, and high-speed slow-mo in every other fucking shot. Movies don't have to be super-groomed, preened and prettied up, washed down with disinfectant and sterilised into submission order to work.
- Dogma films do it completely the wrong way too.
ozoneocean at 10:00PM, June 30, 2012
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I own this thread :(
I was in the mood for a big budget superhero movie, so I chose this one.
Yep, after everyone on the planet has already seen it, I finally bit the bullet and had a look myself.
I was prepared to let all my cynicism at silly superhero concepts slumber silently, and swallow any sardonic bile… But it turns out that wasn't needed. O_o
I had tried to finally watch Citizen Kane the other day too, but the stream cut out in the middle and I needed to get to bed so I quit it. I was interested to see that Watchmen followed most of the tricks and styles of that beautiful, perfect movie.
Watchmen was good, it was extremely good! It was a visual feast but it was also highly aware, intellectual, clever and artistic.
The only negatives such as there were are pretty superficial:
- The story felt compressed, as if each character's part should have almost been a movie or half hour TV episode in of itself in order to round out the characters and increase the drama of their situations. That's probably because they were all part of comic issues or something.
- Often the digital effects were pretty obviously digital. The one that stuck me each time was Dr Manhattan's face. It was real enough around the eyes and mouth but the rest of the face was immovable, very typical of digital characters.
Add to that the makeup for Nixon- he didn't look very much like Nixon even given the hugely thick makeup layers, and that makeup didn't move naturally with the rest of his face when he spoke, looking like a bad mask.
 - Finally the whole war footing and worry of immanent disaster is based on a shaky premise:
Both the US have nuclear arsenals, but the US has Manhattan which swings the balance amazingly in its favour, s the USSR would probably have sued for peace.
The other thing is that they mention the Soviet's massive nuclear stockpile and say that even if Manhattan stopped 99% even 1% could still wipe out all life on earth, which is wrong- it wouldn't. But the biggest problem there is that it's a “stockpile”: They can only launch a small percentage each time, it takes a long while to prepare each nuclear sortie, be they on subs, ships, planes, or ICBMs. So amazing, god-like Manhattan would've been able to deal with an attack with no problem.
Aaaaanyway, that really is superficial. I enjoyed the work for what it was, not what it could be. It was really well done.
Hawk at 10:11AM, July 25, 2012
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I watched the Batman movie.  I liked it, except for:
- I didn't like Catwoman.  They wanted her to be some kind of anarchist Robin Hood, but I didn't see her as that.  I saw her as a manipulative, selfish, apathetic thief who didn't care who she screwed over to get what she wanted.  She was unlikable.  I also didn't like that Anne Hathaway was playing her.  Ann did a decent job, but I had trouble seeing her as that kind of character.
- Michael Cain's accent finally got to me.  It always bugged me a bit before, but for some reason it really hit me in this movie…  He didn't have a “classy” British accent, like I imagine for a butler.  “You needa tell dem da troof, Brooce!”
- Bane sounded like Darth Sean Connery.  Wait a minute, maybe this is a positive.
Anyway, I thought it was a good movie and I enjoyed it.  It had some fun twists and surprises, and it's almost a shame that we won't have any more follow-up movies.
PIT_FACE at 6:08AM, July 29, 2012
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got Tantz Aerine to watch Evil Dead 2 with me >:D
“someone's in my fruit cellar!…someone with a fresh sssooouullllll……..”
ozoneocean at 10:32PM, July 30, 2012
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Zack and Miri make a porno.
Seth Rogen comedy…
It had potential, but failed.
The idea is that Zack and Miri are life-long buddies, platonic friends with nothing going on between them ever, living together as room mates. But the bills are piling up, the power and water gets shut off and they can't afford to pay for anything with their crappy low wage jobs.
After meeting an old friend at a highschool reunion who's become a gay porn star and learning at a stupid sort-of sexy vid of themselves has gone viral on the net Zack gets the idea that him and Miri could solve their money issues by making their own porn movie. Him and Miri have no sexy feelings between each other so it'll just be business…
It fails because it turns out to be a lame romance ending. Really, really lame.
The setup is FUN because their relationship is a bit unusual, at least not as typical for Hollywood movies. The ending makes it conventional. ho-hum!
But what's worse is that it's done lamely. See it to see how lame it is. LAME!!!!
The rest of the cast is reasonably funny. There's probably not enough nudity all up really, the “porno” stuff is wildly unrealistic, but the setup is that they have no idea what they're doing so that's ok…
Far too much obsession with arses and excrement though. i think Rogen has an extremely strong fetish for faeces. You see that in all the movies he's in.
Dark Pascual at 8:16PM, Aug. 7, 2012
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Had the time to catch several movies that I really wanted to see… Others, not so much…

Amazing Spider Man:
I have to admit, I never really cared for the Sam Raimi trilogy (Hated Spiderman 3 specially), and I really didn't have much expectations for this one. But BOY! was I wrong. This one is WAAAYYY better than the Raimi films. It knew when to joke, it knew when to be serious, there was actual chemistry between the main couple (Emma Stone was gorgeous as Gwen Stacy). Overall, it was a very fun, very well made, if a little bit rushed superhero movie.

The Dark Knight Rises:
This, along with Avengers, was the movie that I HAD to see. Loved Dark Knight, Begins was amazing, so I had huge expectations for this one. And while the movie as a whole is not as good as Dark Knight, it was still a brilliant movie. There are issues of pacing at the first half hour, but this is just a great ending for a great trilogy. If this is the weakest of the trilogy (which I disagree) then Nolan can be considered one of the greatest directors of all time. I LOVED this movie. Probably as much as their predecesors. 

The Amazing Case of Benjamin Button:
I liked this one, but I couldn't help of think on Forrest Gump. The effects are good, both Cate Blanchet (who looks astonishing as a redhair) and Brad Pitt did a great job and the story is well written. I guess I wouldn't bother catch this again sometime.

Sex and the City 2:
Oh. My. God!!! Where do I even START with this one. Don't ask why I saw this (sister convinced me), but I don't think I HATED a movie so deeply before. At the end of the day, at least you can laugh at the sheer idiocy and incompetence of the Twilight franchise, but this is just infurating. The four main characters are insufferable, whinny, selfrighteous and boring wastes of time. They live in big apartments (IN NY!!), they go to celebrity parties and wear stupidly expensive clothes, and they COMPLAIN ABOUT THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY!!! they try to make a big statement about the reality of women in Middle East, by reducing it to the fact that women in Abu Dhabi have to wear their expensive designer clothes under the traditional outfits… THIS MOVIE IS NOT PERSEPOLIS!!!
I wouldn't mind so much if the movie at least made an attempt to show this characters as the vapid idiots they are, but they portray them as the example of what a modern woman should be. Granted. I have the wrong chromosome to watch this, but honestly, this was atrocious…
Hawk at 10:57AM, Aug. 15, 2012
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Why did I watch this?!  I had seen part of this as a kid.  I decided recently to watch the whole thing.  It was NOT good.  It's like if Michael Bay made a musical… not that it's full of explosions and CGI, but whoever made never really knew how much was too much
“MORE!  MORE, I say!  More singing!  More kids doing backflips!  More melodrama!  More hammy choreography!”
It was fun to see Christian Bale, the kid from Wizard, the greasy kid from Robocop 2, and the REALLY Italian guy from Doogie Houser.  But that's about the only real joy you get from the film.  The movie was so full of ham-fisted plot contrivances.  Sometimes it's easy to see why they don't create 15 year anniversary DVD sets for some movies.
Also, the only good movie Bill Pullman has ever been in was Spaceballs.
bravo1102 at 11:28PM, Aug. 15, 2012
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Hawk wrote:
Also, the only good movie Bill Pullman has ever been in was Spaceballs.
While You were Sleeping, don't know how you feel about rom-coms but I thought it was good.
The good news about Newsies is that it has been recreated as a stage musical and the NYT says it's pretty good.  

What have I been watching?  Kiki's Delivery Service one of the lighter Miyazaki movies which was cute and really great looking after watching a bevy of later Disney films recently (Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone and Fox and the Hound)  It was nice to watch a movie where the characters are more than cut-outs and archetypes.

Also saw Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Seamless CGI that is part of the world as opposed to stuck in your face.  I really hate CGI these days but this was so well done and classy that I liked it a lot.  It is the weakest of the Narnia movies but still intriguing.   But I like everything.  I even liked Zack and Miri make a Porno.  Heavily disappointed with Kevin Smith just reduced to imitating a Seth Rogen movie to include Seth Rogen.
ayesinback at 4:24PM, Aug. 17, 2012
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Re: Bill Pullman, I liked The Last Seduction and Bottle Shock, as far as decent movies, and as far as a solid performance, I think he was hilarious in Ruthless People, but I think everyone was 100% in Ruthless.

Last theatre movie I saw was Brave. I liked it. Sure - pretty predictable, but soooo pretty to look at. And I do like bears.

At this Very moment I'm watching Pat and Mike for maybe the 6th time. What a freakin master this Spence Tracey was. BRILLIANCY. What he could do with just a shrug and a grin.
under new management
ozoneocean at 9:13PM, Aug. 17, 2012
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I have watched many movie while trying to finish the current comic page and will watch many more…
Blades of Glory -
Will Farrel comedy in his usual style. By the numbers stuff, but worked great anyway… All those Comedies with Farrel or Ben Stiller are pretty much the same vibe, but they usually make all the right moves.
Seeing him play ultra-male was fun, as was the Napoleon Dynamite kid being super gay.
The Devil Wears Prada -
The Hathaway girl was adequate as the plot by numbers heroes' journey bumpkin- except the casting people fell into the same old tired trap of making the nerdy, frump character actually 100% skinny supermodel type to begin with and just making everyone act like she's a frump… till she brushes her hair and they're all dumbfounded at the amazing “transformation”.
Merrill Streep was the titular character and the real star of course. It wasn't much of a role but she played it to perfection nevertheless.
Observe and Report -
Awful and pointless. Seth Rogan as a fat, horrible, nasty egotistical security guard at a mall. Sounds like a great setup, but even though it's a really stupid comedy the whole setup is just written too seriously… so it comes off horribly. Imagine if scarface included fart and vomit jokes and a goofy sidekick character: it would turn into a lame, confused mess. That's what you have here. All characters are utterly unlikable and uninteresting.
Scarface -
Interesting little tale of the rise and fall of a Cuban druglord i Miami, pretty well acted by Al Pacino. All the Non-Cuban, non-Hispanic people playing Hispanic roles was really, really bizarre though… It was like watching a cowboys and Indians film from the 1960s where all there are no real Indians… SO many people in bad fake tan with bad fake Spanish accents. At least Paccino's fake accent was cool “Meng!”
Pretty good film! All the shooting at the end was overdone though.
-I've never actually watched the whole thing all the way though before… Finally saw that “my little friend” was actually a grenade launcher on his assault rifle.
Blue like Jazz -
A movie as cool as it sounds. It's about a conservative Christian kid from Texas going to collage in Portland, immersing himself in alternative culture there and learning that he's not running from his religion at all, he's running from himself.
Nicely alternative while NOT being hipster. Kudos to them for that.
Art School Confidential -
Apart from the murder, this comedy is exactly what art school is like. In fact, even with the murder I suppose, since back when I was going to artschool in the mid 90s there was a serial killer adducting girls literally within walking distance of the campus… and an unrelated psycho murder of a jewellery shop owner near the artschool too and one of my fellow students was a suspect for that one for a time. Freaky… And this is not a city where murder happens ever at all. Hahaha…
Aaaaanyway. It was a lovely little 100% accurate and cuttingly satirical comedy with many stellar actors including John Malcovich. Hilarious!
Step up 4 -
Plot by numbers movie about dancing. It had some marvellous dance scenes in it though, very performance art style stuff, some of it reminded me of performances I've seen in a gallery context, and not in a faky, pretend movie way either- these were real, creatively thought out, well choreographed, well thought out pieces.
Freak Dance -
A musical comedy send-up of the Step Up movies by the Upright Citizens Brigade. Way too over-the-top in places, it could've done with a lot of reining in, but it was still pretty funny anyway.
Unfortunately stuff like Step-up doesn't really need sending up, it's a bit like making fun of an intellectually disabled person: cruel, obvious, easy, it's better to celebrate them for what they are instead.
Hookers at the Point -
A somewhat lascivious voyeuristic documentary about prostitutes on the street in Brooklyn NY. Pretty sad, but there's a lot of humanity and truth there and an amazing insight into the reality of that situation. It really lets you know what fucking pathetic loser scum pimps really are. People think prostitutes are low, they aren't, pimps are though, as low as you can possibly get.
The Annabel Chong Story, Filmmakers Official Version -
The story of the porn star who went by the name of Annabele Chong and started the whole “world's biggest gangbang” thing in the ‘90s. It wasn’t bad, showed her as a real, rounded human being, her intelligence, her humanity… Interesting. It cuts through the “dumb slut” porn fantasy as well as the “pathetic victim” anti-porn fallacy. You see that the real villain is conservative society that creates the need for porn in the first place while simultaneously demonising all participants.
That's all for now.
ozoneocean at 6:31AM, Aug. 18, 2012
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Sin City -
Looked good with the black and white high crontrast and selective colours, but basically it's an ultra vilent, nasty, horrible mess that is sort of ok in certain comics but translated to full movement with real humans playing the parts in a movie and actually saying that dialogue, acting out those characters, it's horrible. Irredeemably awful movie.
bravo1102 at 9:01AM, Aug. 21, 2012
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Switchblade Sisters/The Jezebels
One of them cult movie classics by Jack Hill the guy who invented blaxsploitation.  This is about a tough white gang though and features two girls vying for the love of the head gang guy and then starting their own gang with all kinds of exploitation 1970's madness.  Watch when Maggie allys with a black gang whose second in command quotes from Mao's Little Red Book.  See what must have been the prototype for the Deathmobile from Animal House.  
Really great in an awful 1975 kind of way.  And watch for Hook because it's the neighbor from That ‘70’s Show in his exploitation heyday!
Hawk at 2:28PM, Aug. 23, 2012
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The Hunger Games
I'm trying to figure out if this was a good movie or not.  It kept me intererested and entertained for the entire time (minus a few times where they replayed previous footage from the movie.  What was with that?)  However, the movie had some REALLY flawed logic.  I don't buy the idea that being forced to send your kids off into a contest where they kill each other would prevent wars.  The movie even goes so far as to demonstrate that it could cause rebellions.
So the premise itself didn't hold up for me, but even after that, throughout the movie there were times where the logic was a little bit too hard to believe.  I seriously doubt the hunger games would last more than 30 minutes, or that anyone would bother to form alliances with people they would be forced to kill later.
Dispite all that it was at least fun to watch, and it seems like the two main characters were well-made and interesting characters.
ozoneocean at 9:08PM, Aug. 23, 2012
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Interesting, I may watch Hunger Games now… Not sure about blaxploitation films though. 70s movies can be pretty gritty and uncomfortable.
The racisism in some gritty urban 70s movies really affected me negatively as a kid. Such a sensitive soul :)
Team America, world police.
Another bad film. It's solidly aimed at teens or people with an immature, poorly developed sense of irony.
The puppet stuff is great of course though.
The story is a giant crude spoof on Hollywood, nothing else.
People imagine it's some sort of self referential parody of US foreign policy… no, it's making fun of movies that DO make those sort of comments, with every fibre of its being.
-Not really surprising, that's what Mat Stone and Trey Parker do- They consider themselves as Hollywood outsiders, and anyone that tries to make a serious comment about something is a douche to them… unless it's them who does it.
Which is all perfectly fine and not why the movie is bad. It's bad because it's just that one joke. At least it's savage I suppose. Most Hollywood spoof are done by insiders and pretty soft.
Again, the marionettes/puppets were brilliant!
ozoneocean at 9:43PM, Aug. 25, 2012
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Amazing '80s hits in this.
I had never watched this all the way through before because I thought it was boring…
It was boring.
The story is about a very young woman working at a rail yard as a welder who has dreams of dancing in a professional dance company. At night she works as… a sort of exotic dancer? She performs clothed abstract jazz ballet sometimes avant garde routines for the boozy working men in the club… yeah, that happens all the time in reality. :)
Ah well, typically ‘80s wildly unrealistic fantasy piece… Weather it’s muscley guys firing guns at everyone, people going back to the future in cars or turning into basketball playing werewolves, the ‘80s was the time for that.
In this case it’s a stunningly pretty young girl living on her own in a big warehouse that she has outfitted as a super bohemian dance studio/livingroom… she always dresses excellently in groovy outfits, performs brilliant dance routines all of her own creation, gets in a relationship with her railyard boss who drives a Prosche, loves ballet and is own the board of trustees fro some arts council… I dunno.
Anyway, the dancing is pretty good. The actor has a fantastic arse on her, and the final piece doesn't go on long enough!!!!!
bravo1102 at 1:12AM, Aug. 27, 2012
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ozoneocean wrote:
Amazing '80s hits in this. 
Even more fake that the actress barely did any of her own dancing.  Only the close-ups, everything else was the stand-in and the big things when it came out was the scene where she takes off her bra under the sweatshirt, leg warmers and that she didn't do any of her own dancing.  That actress was more watchable in The Bridethe interesting re-imagining of Bride of Frankenstein with Sting and Clancy Brown.

Oz you don't like it because you're one of the douches it's making fun of.  (only kidding)  Since Team America is precisely my sense of humor, I loved it.  I've watched it repeatedly with the wife.  The humor about the vapidity of US foreign policy really hits home when you're an American.  Even my gun nut conservative NRA brother appreciated that, as did my bleeding heart liberal sister.  She saw it as more sad than funny because it may seem ridiculous but it is all too true and that's really scary!  
Just the same way as I saw Red Dawn as a metaphyr for the Vietnam War Team America does resonate as an indictment of American Foreign Policy and it's detractors when you're an American and live in the middle of it.  It skewers both sides as well as the set of creative pretentious types who think they're so much smarter than the rest of us.

And that song, America, FUCK yeah!
ozoneocean at 2:28AM, Aug. 27, 2012
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I saw the bride… it was too boring though, I just couldn't stay with it.
Yeah, you could tell most of the dancing was pro work… The sexiest part was at the restaurant when she took off her jacket and had on;t cuffs, collar, bow-tie and shirt front on. Very hot.
Team America-
No, it doesn't make fun of US Foreign policy, it's easy to make that mistake because it seems obvious that it is from a superficial standpoint, but it's not. It's making fun of a perception US Foreign policy, which is a pretty different thing actually… Like making fun of the mirror and not what it reflects.
It takes on the subject with a blunt chainsaw. Team America is massively unsubtle, obviousness with jokes written in galaxy sized letters, bonking you over the head repeatedly… THAT aspect is sort of funny in of itself, but that's why I said it's for teens (because they don't really get subtly), also good to watch in a groups with friends or while drunk. :)
bravo1102 at 7:40AM, Aug. 27, 2012
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ozoneocean wrote:
Team America-
No, it doesn't make fun of US Foreign policy, it's easy to make that mistake because it seems obvious that it is from a superficial standpoint, but it's not. It's making fun of a perception US Foreign policy, which is a pretty different thing actually… Like making fun of the mirror and not what it reflects.
 In politics and then into history perception is reality.  That perception has colored American Foreign Policy since at least Thomas Jefferson's day.  It may not be a reality to those whose eyes pierce the veil so to speak but to everyone else the perception is reality and influences all their actions.  That has doomed much of American Foreign policy as much of isn't very realistic and much of it is cowboy buckaroo throw a bigger bomb at it.

And I have discovered that I need obvious, stupid in your face humor as much as the dry, intellectual type.  I need something that strikes at my base teenage funny bone as well as tweak my sense of irony.  I prefer Animal House and indeed Team America to anyof Woody Allen's movies since Sleeper.
And that segues nicely into the last movie I watched!
Africa Screams: Abbot and Costello's first movie with both the Baer brothers (Max and Buddy) as well as two of the Stooge replacements Joe Besser and Shemp Howard and real big game hunters/lion tamers Frank Buck and Clyde Beatty. It's so much funnier now than I remember it as a kid. Have to find the rest of the Abbot and Costello movies and relive all those Sunday mornings of my childhood. And the wife had brought home a box of Good and Fruity too.

last edited on Aug. 27, 2012 7:43AM
ozoneocean at 9:54PM, Aug. 27, 2012
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When I say “perception”, I mean the very broard brush version of America and its actions you get in big budget movies or even Fox News broardcasts. That's what it's making fun off.
bravo1102 at 6:51AM, Aug. 28, 2012
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ozoneocean wrote:
When I say “perception”, I mean the very broard brush version of America and its actions you get in big budget movies or even Fox News broardcasts. That's what it's making fun off.
And that perception is American Exceptionalism.  City on a hill.  That goes back to the Mayflower and in American diplomacy to Franklin, Adams and Jefferson in Paris.  

The song “America, Fuck Yeah!” is the perfect exemplar of it and is a twisted mirror of “Proud to be an American”

Charge of the Light Brigade (1968)  I wouldn't be surprised if I already posted about this movie on a predecessor of this thread.  What a wonderful evocation of the Victorian army from Cardigan to the sergeant major.  Though compressed for the purpose of narrative it is all based on actual events and is precise in rendering them accurately from Black Bottle to the statue of the Duke to Mrs. Dubberly almost sleeping with Cardigan.  Talk about your go everywhere, see everything person Fanny Dubberly went everywhere her husband did from the Crimea to India and left volumes upon volumes of journals. 
ayesinback at 8:10AM, Sept. 17, 2012
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The Tree Of Life
imo, This is one of those films that separates those who like movies from those who like Cinema.  I have found myself in the “movies” camp.  I had to stop watching after the first 15 minutes - too too-too for me.
Who knows, maybe the film really draws the viewer in later, but I could not get through the intentional distance that those first artistique 15 minutes set up.  For me, unwatchable.
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Hawk at 1:32PM, Nov. 18, 2012
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Did anybody else see Wreck-It Ralph?  I really REALLY liked it…  probably my favorite movie now.
VictoryPrime at 12:50PM, Aug. 3, 2013
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the last movie i watched is Man of steel! great movie, everyone should see it!
ayesinback at 10:47AM, Dec. 14, 2013
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Last night (actually, 5PM) we went out thinking we'd have to shove people aside to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
hahaha - maybe there were a dozen people with us in the theatre.  I really liked the film, but I imagine Tolkien purists will groan throughout, if they even deem it worthwhile to watch.
Lots of action (was jealous of the barrel ride), the whole thing was great in 3D.  The dwarfs were scripted to be a little too comical, though.  And there were audible groans at the ending, but it had to end at some point.
It did feel overly long, but I think it's because there were about 40 mins of trailers before it started
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kawaiidaigakusei at 7:34PM, Dec. 15, 2013
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Seriously, I just watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I had to hike through a few blocks of snow in the bittercold, but it was worth it.

The Good
-Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Smaug (I bet he got the part because Martin Freeman plays Bilbo, and they are on Sherlock Holmes together!)
-Gloin's crazy funny barrel fighting skills
-Legolas stepping on the head's of the dwarves while they were riding the barrels downstream

The Meh
-I was the only person to laugh at PeterJackson's cameo in the first minute of the film!
-I thought Kíli was the best lookng dwarf in the first film, but the made him out to be a Beren-type figure in a Beren and Lúthien style type plot. Once his leg was injured, he fell off the face of the movie.

The Ugly
-The Russian Nesting doll eye of Sauron, I could watch that scene on a continuous repeat
-Online critics' odd pronunciation of the name “Smaug”
-The last line of the film: “I Am Death” and not closure to all the build-up, making this film unable to stand on its own.

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