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WW2Dude at 9:17AM, July 4, 2007
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Ok I'm having trouble with the layout for my comic pages and don't give me this freakin' link

because it ain't helping.

The problem is that I did what the Admin told me to do so I can have an image title but instead I got both the image title and the text title. please explain this and don't lock this and sweep it under the rug.
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ozoneocean at 6:24AM, July 5, 2007
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These two codes are what you're talking about:

-This prints out the title of your page

-This shows your title image banner if you have it enabled

If you just want the title image, then delete from your raw template HTML

Two notes- Enquires about layouts and coding go in the layout and coding forum which is right nest to this one and your sig needs resizing, it's way too massive ;)
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