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leave britney a scone
subcultured at 7:43AM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 2:57PM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Dear sweet Jesus, I'm glad I'm not that kid… or Britney…
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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baka san at 6:27PM, Nov. 27, 2007
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hahahaha, those are great vids sub, your great at finding those
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Chaz McRich at 10:04PM, Nov. 27, 2007
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Are they being serious!?!?! Is that guy GAY!?!?!… lol
Lolerdonk.: It's probably the bomb… You know… MAYBE.

Have I ever lied to you?… Today?…
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korosu at 4:14PM, Nov. 28, 2007
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Chris Crocker's videos are just so entertaining to watch, mainly because it's so easy to make fun of him. :P
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Ikos at 7:33PM, Nov. 30, 2007
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I am scared.

Now that is what I call a Hardcore fan. To the Extremeeee!
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