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Led Zeppelin
ozoneocean at 9:24AM, Dec. 10, 2007
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This is a big, famous band… most of us know their music and most of their fans probably weren't born when they started - I know I wasn't.

A lotta people love them, a lot of people hate them, some people don't even care one way or the other.
What do you feel about this titanic group? Their body of work? Their influence on culture and music styles in general? Do you have a few Zep CDs, ever seen them live? o_O

Personally, they're one of my old faves, but I've never bought a CD or album of their's, they've all been gifts! ^^
Even so, the only Proper CD of there's I have is the fourth album. Apart from that I've just got the special release remastered box set of four cds and that great DVD set that was released a while ago.

I quite enjoy the heavy bluesy style, through its transition to English folk rock, to heavy funk, and straight out pop. It's a good ride and a nice mix of styles.

Some criticise some of Plant's fantasy lyrics, but those are only on a few songs, most actually simply come from a historical folk tradition and aren't fantasy at all, while the few that are, are pretty minor and gentle… Simply a reaction to what he's read, unlike the purely invented, overly seriously told crap of some of the metal and prog bands that came later.

Overall I think they produced a solid body of quality work during their reign. The cultural influences have been many, but most noticeable and obvious in the creation of the heavy metal genre and all that entailed (and still does)…

Anyone else?
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Frostflowers at 10:15AM, Dec. 10, 2007
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I don't feel all that strongly about them - I like Zeppelin, but I wouldn't label myself as a Zeppelin fan - but there's no denying their influence on music in general, and the rock/metal genre in particular.

I mean, they got the Polar Music Prize (handed over to them by our lovely, dyslexic and slightly confused King) - you don't get that for nothing. To quote the Wiki article: “in recognition of exceptional achievements in the creation and advancement of music.”

That's pretty hefty.

Like so many others, I Like Stairway to Heaven, but I'm also very fond of Ramble On. :)
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AquaAlchemist at 7:04AM, Dec. 11, 2007
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I enjoy listening to their music. But i kinda like music from the 60's and 70's or when ever it was they came out.
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Chernobog at 8:20AM, Dec. 11, 2007
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I find Plant's music has a beautiful quality to it. I'm not a major fan, but I respect the work and own about two albums.

Led Zeppelin, I think, was practically if not the zenith of an age where music was crafted and not manufactured. Kudos if you can ‘feel’ what that means.
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Red Slayer at 3:23PM, Dec. 12, 2007
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I suffer from led poisoning and i like it.
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