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Leeroy Jenkins interviewed
subcultured at 6:09PM, Oct. 3, 2007
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classic clip

video interview of Ben “Leeroy Jenkins” Schultz blizzcon '07

on jeopardy

from wiki
The video was recreated using the recorded audio of the actual event. The video takes place in the Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon in World of Warcraft, inside the Rookery room, one of the most notoriously difficult sections for newcomers to the game. It opens with the guild members discussing an impending raid via audio teleconferencing, complete with regimented battle plan and statistical breakdown of their survival. The fastidiousness of their preparations is ruined by the sudden and unexpected actions of Leeroy Jenkins who was away from his computer. After missing the entire conversation, Leeroy runs into the area without pause, yelling “Alright, time's up, let's do this! LEEEROOOOOOYYY JEEEENNNNKIINNSS!!” There is about a second of stunned silence from his companions, followed by carnage when they proceed to hastily attempt the attack (as Leeroy's actions had now aggroed the monsters). The attempted raid (and video) is filled with desperate calls from the team to mount their original plan, and with insults at Leeroy, even with Leeroy calling “It's not my fault”. It ends disastrously, with all the guild members lying dead on the floor, screaming at Leeroy for his brash decision. At the end of the video you hear At Least I have Chicken – a seeming insult by poor Leeroy to make his actions seem validated, as he spent the party's planning time reheating chicken in his mother's kitchen.
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Lord Shplane at 6:31PM, Oct. 3, 2007
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Exzachly at 10:35AM, Oct. 4, 2007
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Wow, those Jeopardy kids are too nerdy for Warcraft… A new low I couldnt even imagine..
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Priest_Revan at 2:51PM, Oct. 4, 2007
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I saw that episode of Jeopardy. It was awesome.
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