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Lettering - What stage is good to letter?
Corvin at 1:13AM, Oct. 25, 2006
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I tend to letter everything in at the drawing stage. I mean, i'll draw the comic and place the word balloons and words all at once.

But since ive switched to doing one-page layouts, i dont a whole lot of space for putting lettering in. should i just draw the panels out, leaving space for lettering, or should i just keep practicing my original technique?

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Rimbaum at 11:21AM, Oct. 25, 2006
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I told my lineartist not to worry too much about lettering, because I'd add that in at the digital stage, where I color and make the page look spiffy. The reason being is because I'm going to be using slightly transparent speech bubbles. It gives her more freedom to just draw the page, rather than worry about drawing the characters and scenery around the speech bubbles.

The problem with this method, of course, is finding space for those speech bubbles. If you don't keep at least a little bit of space for them, then your panels are going to look cluttered. And for some people, it's hard to simply imagine the speech bubbles in their picture if they aren't drawn in.

I'd say to experiment a little. If you like how your comic looks with digital lettering and word balloons, then go with that. But if you have space for just the word balloons and not the words, it may be a good idea to draw in the word balloons and add the words in on the computer after you scan it in.
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Knuckles at 11:56AM, Oct. 25, 2006
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I just draw everything in, including the speech bubbles, and just do the lettering digitally.

I've seen a few pro-comic sketches where they usually mark places with an “X” to show where the speech bubble is to be placed.

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