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Link To Help For Drawing, Please. :)
DOAA at 7:10PM, Oct. 6, 2007
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I would like to post some of my drawings that are straight from my scanner, for you guys to critique. Is that okay?

Also, one of my friends tried putting his own pictures up off of iPhoto, and it didn't work. Help with that also, please? Thank You so much. :)
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mlai at 5:49AM, Oct. 7, 2007
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1. Use Photobucket (a site) to store your online images.

2. Resize your scanned images so it's no bigger than 1 screen. If it's too big nobody will look at it.

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Mattski at 1:05PM, Oct. 9, 2007
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You might also want to consider getting a free account over at They have a lot of good artists over there who you can learn quite a lot from.

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Evil_Snuffkin at 5:30PM, Oct. 9, 2007
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Some people also have a collections posted like comics on this site.
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acadia at 2:42PM, Oct. 10, 2007
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Use some photoediting software to resize the image that you scan. Save it as a jpg (or something generic – .jpg, .gif, .png are all acceptable)

Go to and click the button that says ‘browse’. Find the image file and press ‘ok’. Then press ‘upload’. There will be a link labeled ‘direct image’ (or something similar'. Copy that text and post it here.

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