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Lists Refuse to Load
TBustah at 10:15PM, Jan. 30, 2011
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I don't know what happened, but ever since the most recent server change/update, the MyFavorites and MyComics lists refuse to load.

I know it's not a browser issue, because the problem persists in both IE and Firefox.

I'm probably just having this problem because my computer doesn't have much RAM (only 3/4 of a gig). I don't expect you to change things just because I can't afford a better computer, so is there a basic HTML version of the page that I can view?
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ozoneocean at 11:40PM, Jan. 30, 2011
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It's not a ram issue

It will be related to some sort of loading issue on our end. I'm not sure what. Faves load for me no worries but there's a sight delay. When browsing a comic though they show instantly.

Anyway, here's the link to mange your faves, you'll be able to see your faves through that:
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