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Lombax Queen is here...soooooooo hi
LombaxQueen at 5:42PM, March 30, 2006
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joined: 3-30-2006
Hi there my name is Jessica…but you can call me lombax Queen…or LQ for short… i joined Drunk Duck soo i have a good hosting site for my comic…and soo far i'm happy with DD.

Well about myself. I love darwing and doing comics…being that i may want to be that when i am older. i also like a little Video game by the name of RATCHET AND CLANK!!! W00t…i'm sure you heard of it though…if not oh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell. xD

Also make sure you read my comic Dark Joureny. A Ratchet and Clank Based Comic(but Ratchet and Clank may not be in it…its just based on the game seires) Also a Sigma Force(a RAtchet and Clank RPG that me and my firends are doing ) well i would chat a little more but i think i'll bored you to death…well anyways HI!!!
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