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Long pages
lothar at 8:38PM, Dec. 29, 2006
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Does anybody get bothered by realy long comic pages ?
would it be a better idea to cut them up into seperate pages ?

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Darth Mongoose at 2:43AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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Depends how long really. Obviously a page that's very long in dimensional terms isn't a bad thing unless you plan to print the comic. A page in which there's too much text or too many boxes, on the other hand, is a pain to read. So if it's long in terms of ‘time/events encompassed’ it is more likely to be a bad thing.
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lothar at 4:11AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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yea , i was talking mostly about just the length in pixlesm like some of my pages are around 6 or seven thousand pixles tall . i don't plan to ever print these things cuz they would most likely look terible on paper !
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Darth Mongoose at 11:51AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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I think long pages are fine in that respect, it's not so different from that comic, ‘Goblins’ I think it's called, where there are several pages stacked on top of oneanother every update. Making comics too wide is a much bigger problem, because if a comic is taller than 600px and wider than 800px, it means people have to scroll two ways, which is really annoying!
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shadowmagi at 3:19PM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Depends. If the page is really long, but remains interesting and entertaining, it doesn't bug me at all. it's when it gets boring that its like “oh gawd kill me now” :)

(i like feedback~!)
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FoxmanZEO at 9:37PM, Jan. 2, 2007
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Scott McCloud had this big long rant somewhere about how purely online comics shouldn't restrict themselves to the classic pagey page-by-page format.
On there be a few examples.
'Who must do the hard things?

He who can.'

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subcultured at 12:10AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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that's why i don't do my pages in that comic format.
i create the page so it will fit better in a 1024x768 screen.
so there won't be any needless scrolling.
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Mark at 9:45AM, Jan. 5, 2007
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It makes sense to have a long page if you were say trying to tell a long joke. You don't wanna split it into two cause people will read the end first, and it'll ruin the joke for them. I don't think people really ming scrolling up or down either. What really gets me however is those damm wide pages.
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mykill at 1:26AM, Jan. 7, 2007
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Print comic proportions are such that if the page length were short enough for a screen full, the width would be too narrow and the image would be too small to be appreciated or read.

And I don't think scrolling down is all that big a deal.
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Tim Wellman at 7:51AM, Jan. 24, 2007
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All my pages are ‘print’ formatted because I also work in print media. The main thing about the format is you get used to telling a story in a certain way, and it would be like learning the skill all over again to change the format to a landscape view instead of the more traditional portrait view. So, as a creator, you get used to manipulating the ping-pong effect that accurs when someone reads a traditional comic page (I spend a lot of time figuring out how long a reader's eyes will stay on a panel before bouncing to the next, and you can actually create emotions just from the layout… fast, slow, circular, etc, all can be used to add to the story you're telling), and also, since most of us are hoping to create print comics someday as well, it's a skill well-learned.

The other reason not to change formats between print and web, at least for me, is I letter comics in Illustrator, using a template I've developed and put a lot of time into…

There are some comics (Mouse Guard comes to mind) that are printed in an unconventional print format, though… but, that's so rare it's not something you could expect a publisher to do for you.
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mlai at 3:29PM, Jan. 25, 2007
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I go with the standard 8“ x 11” page format, cuz I scan my inked work.

A standard page equals a specific shot or a single stanza or a single paragraph. Each page should carry a single action, or exchange, or that sort of thing. Because each page is a small break in the flow, on paper or online. So even when a chapter is many pages long, you should consider each page in its own microcosm, minding the content and the layout.

That said, I only use long pages when the situation calls for it. Especially for an online page, when I can use the mouse scrolling to my advantage, pacing the monologue/dialogue text via true space, and/or making the reader run his eye down the length of the scene like a panning shot from a movie director.

FIGHT current chapter: Filling In The Gaps
FIGHT_2 current chapter: Light Years of Gold
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rengori at 4:02AM, Feb. 4, 2007
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I don't mind if they go down the screen, but when they do what this person does every single comic, that's what annoys me.
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