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Looking For A Replacement artist for a two year old Vampire based Manga...
StarDreamer at 6:10AM, Jan. 11, 2011
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I'm looking for an artist to do sequential artwork for my Vampire manga “Haunting Nights” that I started two years ago now with a gaiaonline user named “lil_navi” before she decided to call it quits on me. Now I seek a replacement.

I decided to search on in hopes of finding an artist who wasn't burned out on Vampires due to the thankfully short lived trend “Twilight” started when it reached the peak of its popularity in 2009. I specifically went to a “cult” called “Animanga” in hopes of finding an artist with a manga-esque art style. Since there weren't any to be found they suggested I'd go to deviantart for help. There's just problem:“I am currently unable to pay for services that are provided.” Also as it was on Vampirefreaks, I also seek an artist here who isn't burned out by the short-lived Vampire trend. Which is the case with me looking here…

Anyways the plot is as follows: A young boy named Marlin as lived as an adopted child to a family of three, as he learns of his vampirism at age seven. As Marlin works to keep his vampirism under wraps he meets a Romanian Vampiric girl named “Angelica” who reveals that Marlin belongs to a family of guardians who are locked in a six century Civil War with other vampires. This was the sequential artwork I received before Navi decided to quit:…ghts_Roughs.asp
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