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Looking for a talented artist.
Enef at 9:09AM, June 11, 2006
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Right, usually it is the other way around for me, i'm looking for writers, today however i plan on making a change.

See i am currently working on two comic projects, one that i hope to get published by lulu around christmas time and my regular comic,

I have a comic on here called Monsters, it is set in a fictional world based on good, old Role Playing Games, I haven't got a massive plot or anything but i haven't got the time or patience to work on it fully myself, therefore i would like to offer the artist position to someone else and i will write/color. That's right, i just want linearts from the person, because i can color.

Script to draw if you wish to be an artist for this comic.

Panel 1- view from behind main character (refer to 1st comic to see what he looks like) silhouetted against the forest and monster (from 1st comic) is in view.
Panel 2- view from behind monster silhouetted in the same manner as 1st panel with main character in view.
Panel 3/4- main character running towards the monster sword in hand about to strike/Monster just sitting there not moving. background on both must be like rising sun ( action panels seen in many animated series.
Panel 5- Main character with stood there with sword stuck into the monster
Panel 6- same as 5, main character looks dejected.

What the panels should look like

Pm them to me or post them here, i will color/word them all.

Oh, and also, make sure you have a hi-res .psd version of them handy, because they make it so much easier to color.
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VegaX at 11:59AM, June 11, 2006
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Personally when i draw from a script i dont like when it is TOO strict. There got to be some kind of artistic freedom, a choice to play around with angels and panels.

When you present the script and the panels in a already “done deal” its not much fun for the artist. In my opinion anyway.

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T_K at 10:14PM, June 11, 2006
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well I get what your saying Vega, but I know Enef somewhat and I'm sure he'll let you have some say in how it goes when you got the “job” y'know now he just wants everyone to have somewhat the same so that he can compare.
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Enef at 9:44AM, June 12, 2006
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T_K is right, it wouldn't be fair really on some people, this way i can judge everyone on how i imagine the page to look. Which is why it is so in depth, other scripts probably won't be as in depth as this, i have just had a lot of time to plan this one.
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