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Looking for an artist collaborator for new fantasy/comedy comic
Leeks3030 at 2:59PM, Sept. 20, 2010
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I've just gone-done and introduced myself on the “say hi” forum, so I hope I'm not breaching any sort of etiquette by hopping in here with both feet.

As the title of this post may have led you to believe, I'm looking for an illustrator to work with me on a fantasy/comedy comic that features an anthropomorphic cow and donkey, angels who wear business suits, traveling minstrels who may or may not be magic spies and at least one dream-invasion sequence a la Inception. Or, y'know, Sandman. Or Psychonauts. Depending on what sort of nerd you are.

(I'm all three.)

I was planning on doing everything myself, but as I do more and more character sketches, I'm becoming increasingly aware of just how difficult and time consuming this will be to execute properly. So if you're a penciler/inker with a fun, expressive style and the ability to draw all that silly nonsense I mentioned above (oh, and landscapes), I want to hear from you. Send a little sample of your art to francikyle AT gmail DOT com, and I'll send you a full treatment for the series. If you want to colour/letter too: awesome! But I can probably handle that if you don't want to.

A little about me:

I am a real, honest-to-goodness writer. I get paid for it and everything. If you want to read one of my stories before you decide if you want to work with me, check out The Burial of Jackson Grove at Indigest Magazine. I also wrote a blog for a while that had some widely-linked thingies on it. I did this big-up for the TV show Dollhouse, this bizarre humour piece about Left 4 Dead 2, and this even stranger humour piece for Red Dead Redemption.

EDIT: Something is going all wobbly with those links (probably my fault), so here are copy-and-pasteable full URLs:




Red Dead:
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LadyLara at 9:28AM, Sept. 29, 2010
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That sounds interesting.
I don't know if I would fit your image though for the comic…I am pretty amatuer, haha. But I am interested though I have a comic I am doing already. I enjoy to pencil and ink, but I could use more development.

I am relatively new to this place, too.

Any way I like the idea of your comic, sounds a bit like mine. (Which I am having trouble writing for myself) I am interested and maybe would like to give it a shot.
(I do the cartoony style sorta with a touch of expressions.)

Well I'll try sending some stuff over. ;)
It's good you want to collaborate on here. Looking forward to your response.
Oh hi.
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