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Looking for an Artist for a complex fantasy comic...
Niccea at 7:36AM, Feb. 14, 2009
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First of all, yes I can draw, but I don't think that my style gives the story justice.

Second, by complex I mean that the world that the comic takes place in has a long spanning history and whatnot.

Third, I have history and characters mapped out, but no character names. (I recycled them when I finished the plot of this story long ago.)

I wrote the story backwards on the time line (started at the end of the world, then went back a thousand year, and then another thousand years.) I would like to put it back into order.

The artist would have a lot of free reign on what the story looks like and some plot elements.


The doomed twins: A set of twins that seem to appear at turning points (not the same people but of the same bloodline)

Eathein: An ancient man that was the lover of one of the doomed twins during one point. When he died, his soul didn't release and he became a twisted sort of immortal that eventually helps to destroy the world.

The crystals: A crystal shaped like a woman that used to be a power source of a fallen city. Friend of the last set of twins. The male crystal is a friend of Eathein.

The World Ender: Was trapped into a sword that killed Eathein. One of the twins took the sword deep into a forest. The forest wrapped around it and became a place of evil. The Ender eventually wakes up upon another set of twins and destroys the world.

There are quite a bit of other characters but these are the main ones for now. (More like elements really.)

Places: There are floating cities, beautiful cities, forest villages, and a couple of coastal cities.

Creatures: The typical fantasy lot, Elves, demons, angels, draconians, a smattering of vampires.

Here are some concept arts of some of the characters (not all by me):


Doomed Twin A1

Doomed Twin A2

Doomed Twin B1

Doomed Twin B2


Female Crystal (Males looks about the same only masculine)

World Map (1000 years before the end)

I guess you can just post or PQ me if you are interested. If you wish, you can send your own take on characters and what not. I'm pretty open to changes at this point. (The crystals will always have a blue scheme however)
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Niccea at 2:06PM, Feb. 14, 2009
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I have a few story board skecths with me, but, sadly, the scanners at my house cannot fit my sketchbook. They will be up in a couple of days.

-Edit- I made it fit.

The sample storyboards are here. They are just a few scenes that I actually have planned off the top of my head. There are a couple more, but I'm a bit afraid to draw them. I really want it to look more realistic that what I have done.
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Niccea at 3:35PM, Feb. 22, 2009
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I found out that I deleted bits and pieces of the story I had written. I still remember some things. But there is a lot of room for input because I can only remember some of the basics.
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Niccea at 6:08PM, July 18, 2009
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This is still open. (I took down the story boards though. I will get them back up again a bit later).

Now I'm not looking for the pages to be colored. I can live with just line art and I can do coloring and type face myself.
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