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Looking for an artist willing to collab!!
Devabbi at 6:40PM, Dec. 6, 2006
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HI I'm Dev.

Okay, I love writing, and if I put my mind to it, I can put out an entire storyline in under a few hours. I also love drawing. However, I don't have the determination/willpower/unlaziness to do a comic regularly. So I'm looking for an artist willing to put up with me and my crazy ideas… If there's anyone interested, please respond and I'll give you a rundown of a few of my ideas.

:) Hope to hear from you guys soon!

<3 Dev
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c5comics at 11:45PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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Hey Dev

What do you have? I am the artist for Sam X and you can find our comic at to give you an idea of art stylr. My art style does differ on different projects. Check out as well. I look forward in hearing your ideas!

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