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Looking for artist
Ryu_The_Fox at 12:50PM, April 7, 2009
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I'm looking for an artist. I'm looking to try something new. Something besides sprite comics. i want to make a comic that isnt centered around video games.

Anyway, i got two comic ideas right now.
-Ninjas (no not those naruto ninjas. a more realistic ninja.)
-Life in the city (basicly life in New York City. I live in the NYC)

I want an artist better than me (duh) because i'm not a great artist. i can draw, but drawing isnt really what i do.
For more information, send me a pq.(i'll give you a sample of a script and we'll see if you are willing)

oh and BTW i dont plan on the comic to have a crazy storyline like my current comics. I plan on a more serious tone.
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