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Lots of problems, most important, I can't see my own webcomic pages
DungeonmasterJim at 7:59AM, April 9, 2011
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For months now, Drunkduck has been massively hit or miss for me. Probably 50% of the time or more My Favorites and My Comics never load or take over a full minute to load after clicking the arrow to expand the list. Same with Latest News. Ans sometimes the website just won't load.

I'm also finding the website extremely slow to load. Just to get so I can upload new pages I often have to go through the My Account link and then EDIT my comics just to get to the New Pages menu. Sometimes from there it takes multiple attempts to load my comics pages.

My most recent problem is that I cannot see any pages I have uploaded since Jan 2011. The page will load including messages and ratings but the images do not. I just discovered this having just posted a new page. I clicked ‘previous’ and I get the HTML for the page, see comments but no image.

Anybody have an insight or explanations?

I'm just feeling really frustrated over this since it's been an on-going issue for me for quite a while.

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ozoneocean at 8:35AM, April 9, 2011
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Jim, you must have missed all the threads on this subject dating from a week and a half ago.- DD had a major crash last week, and since everything was re-uploaded to the server from the backup there have been several issues that our programming team has been trying to fix.
Any comic pages uploaded since the 13th of January need to be reuploaded. Al you do is go to your pages panel, edit the page with the missing image and then add the image again.

Further info on the current issues can be seen in the Tech blog:

-Linked to on the right hand side and also in the red and white banner at the top of the forums.
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DungeonmasterJim at 2:52PM, April 9, 2011
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I did miss that. Knowledge is power! Thank you very much ozoneocean.
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