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mac vs pc
Liriel at 8:34PM, July 6, 2006
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*twitches* First let me caution that calling me ‘u’, or directing anything ‘ur’ related, or vaguely resembling shortened English in my direction, may cause accidential violence. Thank you.


It probably IS my dial-up connection. Macs are far too superior to have shoddy equipment. Alas, having spent all my money on a Mac (or two, I can't stop buying them! XD) I can't afford what passes for high-speed in my particular digital ghetto… C'est la vie…

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VegaX at 12:40AM, July 7, 2006
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aaaa-haha. Why do Mac users always feel the need to express their Mac love and try to turn all the sinfull PC users towards the light. :lol:

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isukun at 7:50AM, July 7, 2006
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Especially when it is to their advantage if PC users stick with PC.

.: isukun :.
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thatreevesgirl at 5:14PM, July 30, 2006
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As a PC lover for years I remained steadfast and never purchased a Mac.

Then a month and a half ago I bought one (after someone rearended me and my laptop exploded…well, it sparked and there was fire).

Ever since I got my Mac mini I haven't used my PC for anything other than downloading the Drunk Duck alerter.

I am now constantly at odds with myself. You may think that this is a futile argument on the board, its even worse in my head with the two sides having a hayday arguing about PC's and Macs.

I think the Mac side is winning.
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blackaby at 1:15AM, Aug. 2, 2006
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Mac computers don't work with my brain. I learnt to use a computer on a mac, I did all my design-school studies on macs, and I used a mac throughout university. And every minute of mac use was pure pain, because for some reason I find everything about macs so utterly anti-intuitive. I have quit jobs and walked out of interviews for jobs I'd have loved to do because they require you to use a mac, and it really was not worth the hassle and the stress.

Macs are the only computers I have been so angry with for not doing what I want them to that I've actually picked them up and thrown them. And I get mad at them for *everything*, for having stupid ways to pull out disks to the fact the entire computer falls over if you bump a table to the fact that I can't tell what things I've got open because the OS freaks me out.

PCs on the other hand work perfectly for me. I've lost more files (in fact, in the 16 or so years I've used Macs, I still haven't worked out how to ‘save a file’ without getting help) and had more system crashes on Macs than I have on PCs, although I admit that the only time I've had a computer actually explode on me was my first laptop compaq back in 1992.

I think some people are just ‘in tune’ with a particular kind of computer - and once you reach that stage in the relationship, other computers hate you and will fuck with you out of spite.
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Jillers at 3:16PM, Aug. 3, 2006
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You know, here's the thing… Mac used to be very good at very specific things, and if a person had a Mac then that meant they were probably an artist of some kind - art or music.

I actually get into this argument a lot with a friend of mine, I'm a PC user, she's a Mac user. Whenevr she starts talking about Macs she gets really pretention and annoying, thinking that she knows all and is a better geek than I am because I steadfastly defend PCs - not because they're better neccessarily, but because I;ve had them longer. They never pretend to be a Mac, like Macs are pretending to be PCs.

And, yes it has viruses. So what? If the Mac were popular and the PC always in the background, the Mac would have viruses. I think the many viruses I've encountered with my PC have helped me form a bond to it. That and being able to upgrade it without tossing it out and buying a new one. Having the same computer around for 5 years, thought frequently upgrading it, gives me an attachment to an object. I wouldn't throw away a shirt I wear constantly for 5 years, why would I do so with a computer?

And the Mac commercials really piss me off. Just like the people who bitch and whine about Macs being “OMG THE BESTESTS!!!! U R SUCH A N00B IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MAC!!!!1” I find them annoying, pedantic, and pretentious, and want them to leave the immediate area of fist before I hurt them (and, by the way, being able to play Sims 2 on your Mac does NOT, in my book, make you a geek under any definition of the word… it makes you a goddamn poseur! And they KNOW what that word means, because they're all HIPSTERS anyway)

People are going to buy and use whatever it is they want, after making an informed decision.

….I will never buy a Mac though.

**There are clearly unfair generalizations in here which may or may not be untrue - though the thruth of the matter is that those are the people I deal with. You may not be one of them. I hope you're not**
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LostPriestess at 9:46PM, Aug. 5, 2006
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I'm a mac user, most of my reasons have already been listed by others.
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