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Macro War!
methadecadence at 7:29PM, April 21, 2008
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In this game, you must find macros to answer another person's macro, and you can post another macro for someone else to answer to, you do not have to though. The responses must be funny, and if you can have only ONE lolcat a post, got it?

If there is a paticular chain, like, one person posts a lawlcat macro saying ‘I ATED CHEEZTOES’, another one could post something like ‘OH NU U DIDT’, and then another could post, ‘SAW YOU DOIN’ IT!', and another could post ‘HE DID IT!’ and etc etc until someone breaks the chain


The Response

New Challenge

Got it? If it's still confusing, I'll add more to the explainations. Please try to be polite though, this is still only a game. And it does have a potential of becoming dirty, but nothing terribly explicit… or I'll ask a mod to lock the thread.

And now…

Let the war….


Simply because…
Byakuya Kuchiki…
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