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Mafia XIV Narrative Competition
Niccea at 7:04PM, Sept. 5, 2009
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-Narrative Competition-

Humorman is being unsporting and not giving us much material to draw for the comic. So, I will hold a narrative contest.

Day and Night Cycles are both permitted as long as the same things happen (pardons, lynches, attacks, etc.)

You may submit starting now and the deadline will be two days after the end of the game.

1. Only one narrative per cycle per person
2. Entries must be posted here.
4. 5 sentence minimum per each separate event.
5. Don't make narratives so long that it would take a team of artists to draw.

Day Two

1) What had been a fairly boring night ended in the death of one Inuyasha_rules. While the detective scoured the murder scene few clues arose in a rather dry uninformative script. There were too many suspects and not enough information. She quickly relayed her findings to the mayor who agreed, “Yeah, this pretty much sucks”.

Town’s people grew worried and began to try to solve the clues. Accusations were made, and the lynch rope was brought out for the end of the day hanging.

The detective began at once to organize the mob forming. “Listen! This is only the first day! And the shadow?! C'mon that's been used in so many mafia games past that we should ALL know it could point to any of us! We NEED more info! And so help me, those people who haven't turned their roles in we can lynch YOU ya know!”

“BAH!” yelled Harkovast baring a very obvious grudge, “We NEED to lynch WAFF and then read Harkovast. Rating it on TWC is rather important too! And where is my fanart!”

“Yah, pardoner detective lady person! Don't you owe a bunch of us fanart?!” shouted another fine citizen.

“I'm working on it”, replied the detective.

People temporarily dispersed, some even taking the time to PQ the town halls information and grievances. Stuff happened, plans were made…

Night began to descend… Townspeople and hidden mafia flocked back to the gallows, the hangman’s rope still waving in the breeze from the morning. The mayor himself stood nearby, nonchalantly leaning against one of the pillars of town hall. The crowd ushered up Da Kasha.

“Wait! I'm new to all this! I don't want to be lynched! This is so unfair!” cried out Da Kasha, her pleas seemly unanswered. Gullas pulled the rope over her head. “PLEASE! Don't do this! I want to live!!”

Suddenly the bakery doors burst open from down the street. “What are you people still doing here!!” Yelled the angry detective/pardoner Rokulily “I thought I told you we didn't have enough information”

“bu-” stammered Kitty17.

“But nothing! No dessert for any of you! Except Da Kasha. Geez you people and freaking new players out!”

da_kasha has been pardoned.

The townspeople were depressed. First no hanging cause of some hippie pardoner and now NO DESSERT. Well, maybe more clues would be revealed this night and THEN, well then they'd show her! And get double dessert! Maybe triple just because they're THAT awesome! Yes! This was a good plan…

Night 2 ends midnight GMT tomorrow. (rokulily)

2) That little girl was screaming her lungs out.

It was hard to make out what she was saying between her sobbing but I could make out the words “I want my mommy” and “buy me that dolly”. The embarrassed man, standing over his screaming offspring tried to ignore her as she kicked over the doll stand.

The store was rather busy today. They were having a sale on leftover meat products from last night. I decided to stay clear from the butcher section since I wasn't that fond of large crowds.

Looking over the meager selection of vegetables that they offered, I came to realize that they were now storing various junk food products among them. Apparently they're now trying to sell caramel fondue set with the strawberries. As if we aren't unhealthy as it is.

I turn around to spot an overweight elderly lady sitting on one of the fruit stands. Even though she was just sitting at the edge of the stand, she was squeezing few bananas with her large rear end. Next to the bananas were packs of chocolate bars stacked up with the sign “Try grilled bananas, stuffed with Wonka bars!”. She had reached out for the top pack, opened it and was now busy munching on its contents.

I felt sad for this woman. She looked lonely as the rest of the consumers tried to ignore her presence. At the same time I was repulsed by this sight. Clearly these bars were not good for her since her obesity was causing her health problems as indicated by the two walking canes, resting next to her legs. All in all I was certain of one thing. I wouldn't be buying bananas today.

As I walked out of the store with my groceries I noticed the mob that had gathered at the town center. What was it now? I didn't want to squeeze my way to the center to find out so I asked someone nearby if he new what was going on. “Oh they're setting up the gallows for a hanging. We found out who was behind the murder last night” the man said, excited about the whole thing.

I hated when the town acted that way. Always trying to take the law into its own hands. This was exactly the reason why I didn't like to mingle with these crowds. You'd never no if one of those accusing hands would all of a sudden point at me. Bah, I was to have no part of this so I decided to head home.

Later that night I heard that the person charged with the attack was pardoned. Not enough compelling evidence they said. These news made me feel a bit better for it brought hopes to my heart that perhaps our leadership was competent after all. As I sat down to read the newspaper, I was greeted with the headlines: “Crime on the rise again!”.

Perhaps they should have lynched that poor fella. It would have set a nice example for those lawbreakers. (Product Placement)

3) The town was thirsty for blood. Except Crocty, Rokulily, and me who were debating on what constituted as tea. Anyway, the towns people surrounded da_kasha's apartment as she was walking out the door. “'Sup guys. I'm new here, what are some good places to eat?” she asked with a friendly grin on her face. Her grin turned into a look of shock as she noticed that every single person in the mob had a pitchfork, baseball bat, or torch in their hand, she thinks she even saw a rubber chicken with nails sticking out of it. Then fear set in as she realized that they were there for her and her alone. “Uh, this is a joke, right?” she stammered as the crowd moved closer. “For the crimes of asking questions, moving here without a permit, and being new, you are hereby sentenced to death by hanging or beating or hanging whilst being beaten,” said the leader of the mob. “WAIT! Don't I get a trial?” da_kasha asked. “Mmmm, no.” the leader answered. Da_kasha was now on the bleeding edge of panic. She backed as far as she could away from the crowd who had pushed her towards the wall next to her door. Hands reached out for her as she slid down the wall into a fetal position. “WAIT!” someone shouted. Da_kasha looked up daring to hope that someone was about to reason with these lunatics on her behalf. “Shouldn't we make sure she doesn't have a bomb on her?” the person asked. “How would we do that?” asked a second person. “Strip search?” inquired a third. A long silence followed. Da_kasha curled into an even tighter ball hoping against hope the suggestion would cause the mob to shift its attention away from her to the person who suggested such a horrid thing to do to a young lady, especially on who just moved here. Then an ear shattering roaring cheer of assent rose up from every male ion the mob. So much for dying with dignity, da_kasha thought. As hands reached for her and her clothes, a gun shot was heard and the mob went silent. “Now, it seems that the lot of you have formed a mob to lynch this young lady. Is that correct?” said a well dressed Brit holding a shotgun. “Uh, I guess so,” replied the leader of the mob, “we were also going to make sure she didn't have a bomb.” Crocty still holding a shotgun glared at the mob for what seemed like an eternity. “SALSA!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. A white pickup with a freshly mounted mini-gun power-slid behind crocty from out of nowhere. “Take care of this please.” A wicked grin split the driver's face. “Okay people, anyone within a mile of this lady after fifteen seconds gets either run over by me or shot by Rokulily,” he said as he leaned out the window. “I told you that there was not going to be a lynch today. Now MOVE IT!” There wasn't a soul in sight after three seconds. (Salsa)

4) Da_Kasha stood in the shadows of the darkened mountain. She was a good vampire. The kind that only drank the blood of goats, and sparkles in the sun. But this didn't much matter. She knew the townies down there, with their pitchforks and torches of unfair condemnation. They had decided she was guilty, and that was the end of the argument.

“It's okay,” She shouted, closing her eyes. She had finally come to terms with it. Perhaps death wouldn't be to bad. “I'll go without a fight.” The angry town looked at her shocked and confused.



“Hey,” Screamed out one townie, “You can't just give up like that! Yer ruinin' all our fun!”

“Yeah,” Piped in Gullas, “The best meat comes from the ones that fight back!”

The townies had no clue where to go from here. “Well…” Suggested one, “We could lynch someone else…” “But who?” Queried another.

The town pondered this for a moment. “Isn't it obvious?” Said a shadowy woodland critter, “We need to take out our greatest enemy,” Pointing at the graveyard, “Darth Vader!”

The town quickly rushed to the south. As they unburied the once life-filled corpse of their good friend, they were quick in trying to intimidate it. “I told you we'd get you sooner or later!” “Your days of crime are up!” “Tsk, tsk, ya think ya know a guy…”

They took up to the gallows. “Any last words?” Asked mayor Crocty. After waiting several minutes for a response, he angrily blurted out, “Fine! Two can play this game of silence!” As he stomped off the platform, he motioned to the executioner to pull the lever.

DarthVaderS1999's lifeless corpse is dead!(therealtj)

Day Three

1) The blood no longer seeped from the three bullet holes Product Placement sustained the night before. His heart had stopped beating over 10 hours ago. Exzachly died in a similar manner.

The town was furious.

Crocty the mayor promised more bloodshed that day, but this time it would be the gang's blood, not the town's.

Crocty rode with the two squad cars. Those cars each had 3 police officers in them. Police Officer's sent to serve justice to the gang member that they were sure caused these deaths; Aghammer.

Aghammer knew he would not last long on the streets, so he hurried to get home. He turned the corner of his street and ran to his door. He got his key's out and fumbled to get them in the key-hole. *WOOP WOOP*. The sound of the sirens made Ag jump and he dropped his keys. He fell to the ground to pick them up. Lucky for him. *BANG BANG BANG* The police opened fire on him. Bullet's were racing above him. Ag pulled the semi-automatic out of his pocket. *RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT*. Ag blindfired at the police. Bullets were racing faster as heart's were pumping harder. Houses were getting shot up, bullet's were tearing through windows. The cops stood behind their squad cars as they fired in Ag's direction. Aghammer was lying prone on the ground, no cover but the bushes in front of him.

There was a moment of silence. All that could be heard was the clicking of guns being reloaded.

Ag only had two clips, the first he had already used ‘till it was empty. He was on his last one. Crocty called out, “Give up Ag! We know you’re part of a gang, there's nothing you can do to-” *RAT TAT TAT*, Crocty's words were cut short as Ag opened fire. The cops shot back, and the gunfight resumed.

Close-by gang members were speeding to Ag's house in their hotted-up sedan. Safety's were off and extra ammo was near at hand. They pulled up behind Ag, in front of the police officers.

Two of the gang-members stayed in the car and provided covering-fire as the third ran to Ag. He dragged Ag over to the car, and chucked him in the back seat. The tires screeched as the sedan made a speedy get away.

Day Three is over
Night Three has now started
Send in your night actions before 00:00 GMT(ParkerFarker)

2) It had been a productive night for the mafia. The slain bodys of Product Placement and Exzachly had barely been checked for clue when Gullas arrived on scene and discretly removed them. The people were stunned. Those two were the best freelance clues solvers in town at the moment. It was they who had found TheFlyingGreenMonkeys hat that he misplaced last tuesday, it was they who solved the great mystery of the Townston graveyard, and it was they who now would be on sale in Gullas's shop in a few hours. The town would miss their wisdom and light hearted antics.

But now more pressing matters were at hand. Who had done such a thing to these fine citizens of Townston? Who?!

While Townhall held secret meetings to discuss the clues, the town was pretty sure that the blame lied on Aghammer. The information pointed at him and while he tried to shake off the cold stares he knew he was doomed.

A man walked past Aghammer, shot him a dirty look and mumbled something under his breathe.

“What was that!” cried Aghammer. “Say it to my face, at least give me a chance to defend myself!”

“I said you're a puppy kicker and murder!” shouted the man.

Everyone turned and stared. One particularly sassy lady muttered a “oh no he didn't” And crowd began to circle around.

“I-I never! I'm no puppy kicker! That's a horrible thing to say! An-and I didn't kill anybody- you can't prove anything! It's all heresay! Heresay! I'm a good person! I vote, and read Harkovast and LOVE puppies!”

“pff, yeah right- I bet you HATE puppies. I bet that's why you killed inuyasha_rules!”

“I didn't kill anybody! Sure I sell guns and explosives- but as my motto says ‘Guns don’t kill people- Mafia kills people! And I'm no mafia!”

The townhalls burst open and Crocty steps out. “Yes, I'm definitly getting better with this dramatic timing! Er-HEM! People of Townston! I your super awesome and handsome mayor has something to say!” annouced Crocty. “We've got suspects! That's right! Someones gonna hang and I have the promise from our hippie pardoner that she will NOT be pardoning tonight!”

“It's Aghammer”, said Niccea. “I bet he's a suspect!”

“Ah yes, along with-”

“LYNCH HIM, LYNCH HIM!” shouted the crowd.

“Well alright I guess, I mean, the ropes still out from yesterday so we can just go do this now if thats good with everybody.”

“YEAH!!! And we'll get triple dessert after the lynching right?”

“Well you should really take that up with Rokuli-”


The crowd in a dessert driven frenzy quicky moved Aghammer to the hangmans rope despite he many protests. They had the rope over his neck, Gullas' hand on the trigger when…

“WAIT!!! NO! That man in innocent!” screamed rokulily shoving through the crowd. “I pardon him, get that rope off him!”

“Rokulily?!”, stammered Crocty. “But you said-”

“NO DESSERT FOR ANYBODY!” she yelled back. “C'mon Aghammer lets get you away from these crazies!” The two quickly hurried outta sight leaving a stunned Crocty and friends behind.

“Hey guys! Done with the lynch yet?” asked a familular voice.

“YOU, but. WHAT IS GOING ON?!” cried out Crocty.

“Hmm?”, asked an equally confused rokulily. “What do you mean? I was just in my Bakery finishing the desserts for everybody for after the lynch like I told you this afternoon. Why? What's going on?”



“THE-THE MAFIA! THEY PRETENDED TO BE YOU! AN-AND WE LET THEM GET AWAY!” The realization of the suckiness of the situation was almost to much for Crocty. Kitty17 patted him on the back in a there-there type manner.

“Well, I guess it can't be helped… We'll get those mafia back! We're wise to their tricks now! Now who wants some dessert!?”

The town cheered, and feasted on far too much sugary goodness for their own good. They hadn't lost yet, no the battle was far from over. And they knew just where to go from here.

In a different, dessert lacking, part of town mafia gathered. After Townston celebration they would continue their not so secret war… And who know, prohaps they would even manage to win.

Night 3 ends at midnight GMT tomorrow. (rokulily)

3) They came like a black cloud rimmed with a hue blood red, slow, unrelenting and merciless, and though they numbered in the hundreds, they were unified by their one objective; death. The ground shook with their every step, the loose cobble stones of the street rattling with their impending march, the shingles on houses clacked together, and there was not a sign of wildlife to be found in any direction, for they had all fled under the miasma of hatred they felt emanating from the lynch mob. The evening sky was tinted red with the flames from their torches, and the quickening darkness on the horizon seemed that much blacker, that much more ominous, and the air itself was dry, the moisture evaporated away by those said flames.

The victim sat in their chair, aware of the incoming horde. What would it do to run? Leaving town would prove useless as those who knew him would find him, and eventually, whether it was on a pier in Italy or a mountain in Colorado, a cold dagger would slit his throat in the night, or a hot bullet would find him in a crowd. No, best to die here, where he could see it coming.

“Are you ready?” a voice asked from beside him. The victim did not even flinch. The shadow, a visage of perfect calm simply stared down at him, their eyes locking; a dead man walking and the one who would walk beside him.

“Would it matter if I were not?” the victim asked.

“No.” The shadow responded, and to those words, the victim stood. The rumbling had neared, and long ago it had set the entire house shaking. Dishes fell from cupboards, paintings fell from walls and a poor, and a bookcase, always a bit wobbly finally collapsed, pouring its volumes of knowledge to the floor. And then it came to a single halt, engulfing the world in a peerless silence. The shadow stood between the victim and the door, extending an arm as if a maitre d', and the victim strode past, unafraid earning himself a last nod of respect from the shadow.

They spread before him like the ancient Persian army, their weapons at the ready; guns, clubs, baseball bats with nails and the occasional Viking warhammer, and torches. So many torches. And there, as Xerxes sat in a similar time, sat she, the epitome of opulence and greed, in a throne of freshly picked fruit to display her dominance over nature itself, and feasting on a seemingly never ending bounty of purple wrapped chocolate bars to display her dominance over man.

“Thou art sentenced-” she began, her eyes yellow and spotted with disease beholding the victim, who's eyes shone back with no power, no glory, but with their simple determination to exist, “to death.”

“I wont fight you,” the victim replied, and there were both jeers from the crowd, and sighs of relief. There need only be one death this day it seemed, and the victim was cuffed, shackled, and with a last chain around his neck, forced to keep up on his feet as Her horse drawn cart led the way up the mountain.

To a distant observer, it may have seemed as if the lava flowed in reverse, as the precession of flames climbed higher and higher to the peak, where a scaffolding of sorts awaited, perched precariously against the rim and above the moten rock below. There awaited two persons, the mayor and the executioner.

“Today,” the mayor began, “we finally obtain our sacrifice!” The crowd roared in a sudden bloodlust, their anger and rage at the cyclical misgivings of their life focused for just a moment on one single person. The victim said nothing, but turned and stood, his back facing the flames of the earth, and his eyes facing the flames of men. The executioner stood directly before the victim and readied a long, iron spear. “Last words?” the mayor asked. The victim stood stock still, and betrayed nothing. “Just as well,” the mayor replied, raising a hand and then dropping it, the crowd gasping in excitement, the executioner's muscles bulging as he made his lunge and the obsidian spearhead glistened in the blood red light.

The blade ceased mere millimeters before the victim's chest. The sharp report of a handgun died away. The victim smiled calmly, his single shot hold out pistol dropped casually to the ground.

“I wont fight you. I'll just kill you all instead.”

They came again, a swarm, surging forward in a maniacal rage, their weapons brandished wildly as they came in for the kill. The victim danced through them like a hummingbird through a field of flowers, his fist victim's weapon liberated to become his own, his attackers and would be killers falling dead or thrown into the fires below. With a claymore in one hand and a bloody rusted chainsaw in the other, the victim, now the denier, stood with a cold grin.

“Allow me,” said a cold voice. The denier observed the shadow, now his challenger, an unassuming fellow in simple clothes, who carried neither a torch nor weapon, and the mob parted before him, their cries of bloodlust now surging again. The denier leaped forward, his chainsaw splitting earth and stone where the challenger stood, who ducked beside and with a simple sideways kick sent the chainsaw flying, passing mere inches away from the mayor's face and dismembering the poor fellow who stood behind him. The denier turned, swinging his sword, but the challenger bent over backwards, and snapping up another leg kicked the weapon free. As the denier recovered from his riposte, the challenger flipped backwards to prepare and dashed forward not giving the denier a true chance to defend himself.

Punch after vicious punch slammed into the denier's person, his defenses useless, his body crumbling, until the challenger reached back a hand and caught the now falling claymore, and stood beside the denier with the blade poised to finally slice his neck.

“Wait!” a voice cried. It was the mayor, holding a phone. “There's… been a recourse. This execution must be canceled.” The mob, now stripped of their prize, scattered, and the challenger discarded the weapon and all departed leaving the victim beaten, defeated and alone, but at the very last, alive. (hakoshen)

4) Strange things were happening in the city of Townston. Crocty was elected major, subliminal messages urging people to read harkovast, and Volcano cakes were built. Aghammer looked around nervously, surely no one would suspect him, after all he was the mad bomber in the last game. But unlike Salsa, Ag was lucky and was able to snag a kill role twice in a row. Ag heard the snap of a twig, he couldn't take it any longer, he pulled out a grenade and threw it into the nearest bush. BLAM! Aghammer laughed, blowing up stuff always made him feel better. The town circled and Roculily said, “Aghammer, I know you are mafia! no dessert for you! Also I'm afraid we'll have to lynch you and all…” Ag stepped back, a plan formed in his evil mind. “Roculily, You lie! I am not mafia I am the real detective you are an imposter! No wonder you would't share your cake, only mafia would deny that delicious volcano to the city!” The town was shocked, each person took sides, but who was the real mafia? “Wait!” Roculily shouted. “I have proof.” She took out her detectives license and waved it in the air. “GET AGHAMMER!” The town charged, they bound and gagged Aghammer and draged him past the gallows (Darth's smell was too overpowering) and they dragged Ag to the museam, particularly the guillotine exhibit. As Aghammer was locked into place, Roculily took of his gag and said, “Any last words?” Aghammer opened his mouth to say something along the lines of “I snuck a piece of your cake, it needs more sugar.” But then he dissapeared in a smoke, and was replaced with the rotting corpse of DarthVaderSmells. Crocty pulled the rope. Darth is dead, again. Roku faced the town, “You thought I was mafia! No dessert!” (GarBonzo Bean)

5) Aghammer was brought before the crowd that packed the tarmac of the Townston Space Port as a storm brewed in the distance. He knew he was done for. He had no alibi and the evidence was too damning. Lasers, autocannon, missile launchers, and Gauss cannons were trained on his heart. Crocty and Rokulily stood at the front of the crowd at a card table with a laptop that had dozens of feeds running from it. “Any last words?” sneered Rokulily as her finger hovered over the key that would end his life. “Yes, I-” begun Ag, but a loud thunderclap drowned out the rest of it. “Very well. Fire at will Rokulily!” replied Crocty, but an innocent popping noise came from the laptop, everyone looked at computer as everything went dead.

“NOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” exclaimed Salsa, “Not again!”

Then the whole spaceport shut down. The mob stood confused and nervous. Nobody noticed Ag being knocked out and dragged away.(Salsa)

Day Four

1) ParkerFarker had committed 3 murders. There we’re three freshly dug graves in the Townsville cemetery. Three graves that would not be there had ParkerFarker not been there. Parker knew the town was beginning to suspect him of the crimes. So the day after his third kill, Parker retreated to his house. He knew how Aghammer had just escaped death by being out, only to be killed by the vigilante the following night. He knew Ag was out the night of his death night at a party. He knew that if he was to survive this day, his only option was to stay inside his fortified home.

The Gang lord was waiting anxiously. He had already given Aghammer a few extra hours of life so he could not do the same for Parker. He watched through his binoculars at Parker’s house. It was a one-story house. It was very dirty, the yard was a mess of weeds and brown grass, and the house itself had cracks running down it. But The Gang lord knew it would be an affective fortress against the cops. The roof was completely flat with concrete walls just small enough to look over… or point an Uzi over. Even so, The Gang lord knew Parker would not survive the night.

The sun was in its last hours of the day.
The traps in Parker’s house were set. The doors were locked. His weapons were loaded.

The familiar sirens could be heard in the distance. They came closer and closer, only to stop, not far from Parker’s house. Although he could not see the cops, he could hear them faintly; “Hey! Get the fuck outta there, MAFIA!”. They were attacking da_kasha. “What? No- no I’m not maf-“ *BANG BANG BANG* “Ha ha haa good work fellas, two mafia down one to… ah shit! Look at all this medical equipment! She’s a medic.” Parker chuckled to himself. Looks like he had one more night to live. “A’right, let’s see if our next target is actually mafia this time,” Parker heard. He knew he would be the next target after all.

The sirens started up again. He heard them turn his street corner and they came into full view. There were 5 squad cars this time. Looks like they learned a thing or two from Aghammer’s narrow escape.

They pulled up out the front of Parker’s house. But he wouldn’t give them time to think.

*RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT* Parker opened up, an Uzi in each hand. Two cops were shot instantly, one in the shoulder and one in the chest. They both went down but only one got up. *BANG BANG* *RAT TAT TAT* *BANG BANG*. The cops were trying to get to the front door, but Parker wouldn’t have it. He pumped both clips of lead into the cop’s cars and the surrounding area. The gunfire could be heard from almost anywhere in Townsville. Parker reloaded. When he got back up he was immediately suppressed. He shot blindly down below him but he was sure cops were already at the front door. They would have it open any moment now. *BOOM*, the door trap exploded as the door was opened. Two cops were engulfed in the blast. They now lay on the deck, lifeless, to be obstacles for the rest of the cops to jump over.

Parker took a few more shots down below, and threw away his Uzis. He took out his biggest gun, the SAW, and turned it towards the door to the roof. One more trap down below went off, killing one more cop. Then Parker heard rumbling on the stairs, the police were about to open the door to the roof. *BADDA BADDA BADDA BADDA BADDA*, Parker let the SAW loose, shooting through the door to the roof. The bullets tore through the door, through the cops in front of it, through the wall behind them, and out into the pink/orange sky of the sun setting. It was one of Townston’s most beautiful sunsets, but no one was looking at it, they were keeping under tables, under chairs, scared that a stray bullet might end their life.

ParkerFarker knew his time was now. He put down the SAW, flicked the switch, and waited. Two cops leaped through the door and opened up on Parker. *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG*. Bullets tore through him. Blood poured out of Parker’s chest. *BEEP BEEP BEEP*, the switch Parker flicked flashed red, and the C4 wired throughout Parker’s house set off, vaporizing the house and everyone in it out of existence.

ParkerFarker the gang member has been lynched
da_kasha the medic has been lynched(Parker Farker)

Day Five

1) The gods of Townston were upset with the new GM. Humorman the unfunny was terribly unfunny and unimaginative. That is when Black Kitty, Niccea, Hakoshen, Product Placement, Harkovast, Crocty TheFlyingGreenMonkey, and Salsa banded together to fight the pestilence that had masqueraded as one of them. And so with a powerful combined fist, they smote him past the Desert and into the Valley of Despair and No Return. Both the townies and the mafia let out a great cheer and decided that for at least a couple of weeks they could live in peace…until a new GM was elected. The End (Niccea)
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Day 5 narration.
Does this mean that we're killing this game?
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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Product Placement
Day 5 narration.
Does this mean that we're killing this game?
Nah. I just threw that one up for the hell of it.
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Submissions are due today at 0 GMT or 6 pm CST
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Weren't there many more day 2 narrations? Rokulily had a pretty cute one.

Also there were many more day 3 and 4 narrations as well.

Do the writers have to PQ them to you specifically for them to count?
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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Product Placement
Weren't there many more day 2 narrations? Rokulily had a pretty cute one.

Also there were many more day 3 and 4 narrations as well.

Do the writers have to PQ them to you specifically for them to count?
They had to before I made the thread. I might go back and find them if I can. I was worried that humorman's game would be too long, but since it was disapointingly short…
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Ok I made the Ballots so I don't have to keep track of so many votes for different things.

I also put in a write in option for people to make last minute suggestions (there will be a run off in case of ties or write ins).

The Poll is here.

I will take votes until the beginning of the next game since this is a serious matter.
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ParkerFarker at 11:15PM, Sept. 8, 2009
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Well I made an endgame narration, and I'm not sure if that's day 5 or 6. But I made one.

“We are in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.” - Blackadder
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Niccea at 5:44AM, Sept. 9, 2009
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This is it:

All Niccea's head goons were dead. Killed by the guns of Townston. Now Niccea sat in the gang hideout, on the outskirts of townston, in an abandoned factory.

The lower gang members guarded the doors to her lair. When Gullas was shot dead, the cops ransacked his house. They found what they were looking for; the location of Niccea's hideout. The mayor and pardoner figured out Niccea was the Gang Lord already, and were speeding to the abandoned factory with 8 cop cars racing behind them.

*RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT* The Gang members opened fire on the police cars that had just pulled up. The police stumbled to get out of the cars while the Gang members shot bullet after bullet into them. Blood was spilling from the cops. *BOOM* RPGs shot at the police cars pinned down on the open road. The cops could barely shoot back. *RAT TAT TAT TAT* the air was thick with lead.

*CHCKA CHCKA CHCKA CHCKA* a S.W.A.T. helicopter hovered down above the cop cars. The chain gun attached to the ‘chopper warmed up; *TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF TF* Bullets shot out of the chain gun, into the factory and the bodies of the gang members.

Niccea saw this on the security camera moniter and got up. She walked with a purpose to the gun cabinet, pulled out the RPG and ran to the roof of the factory. The gang members where being ripped to shreds by that ’chopper. But that let Niccea sneak up on the chopper secretly, and fire the rocket propelled grenade at it. *BBOOOOMM* The helicopter exploded. The Fireball of smoke and flame tumbled down to the ground, crushing whatever cops where left alive in that bloodbath below.

Niccea, and the 2 other living gang members met at the ground floor. Niccea knew she would die this day. She wanted to go out with a bang, and apparently this was not bang enough.

They ran outdoors, already the cops could be seen in the distance. *RAT TAT* *RAT TAT* the two gang members took some pot shots at them. Niccea motioned for them to come with her, and they obliged. They ran down alleyways and small streets until they came across the home of the paranoid. At this stage they had lost the cops, but not for much longer. The police where searching every street and corner of Townston. *RAT TAT TAT* She shot at the gate of the house. “Open up you damn bastard, I gotta kill ya!” shouted Niccea at the Paranoid. The paranoid had fortified his/her house so much, that not one person, nor many, could breach it and survive. Niccea chucked a grenade over the wall. *BOOM*. The paranoid opened the gate from inside his/her house, for the paranoid enjoyed a good battle to the death, even though s/he was paranoid . The police sirens were coming closer, the gunshots gave away her position, but she didn't care. The two gang members fled while Niccea strutted up to the house.

*BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM* bullets shot out at Niccea, but she was smarter than to be hurt by those. *RAT TAT TAT TAT* She shot back at the house. The paranoid had his/her house wired to explode on his command. Niccea ran up to the front door, firing her twin Uzis at the house. *BLAM BLAM* Niccea ducked behind cover, but the door had opened, so she sprinted inside. *BLAM BLAM BLAM* the paranoid's bullets came from the back of the house, so she cover dived over there. *CHCKA CHCKA CHCKA* The paranoid's personal getaway ‘chopper was starting up. Niccea ran towards it while it was lifting off the ground. She grabbed onto the the landing bars and it hovered above the paranoid’s house. *BANG BANG BANG BANG* The cops shot at Niccea. She was holding on with one hand. The paranoid flicked the switch, in ten seconds, his/her house would explode. Niccea could hold on no longer and dropped. She fell down towards the house. As she was about to hit the roof, breaking both her ankles, the house exploded. The flames scorched the surrounding area and the smoke wafted up into the air.

Niccea went out with a bang.
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Niccea at 7:25AM, Sept. 14, 2009
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I decided to draw the polls to a close. A good sampling voted and the winners have a good enough lead.

Day 2: Rokulily
Day 3: Rokulily
Day 4: ParkerFarker
Day 5: ME.

Now. Parker sent in a late submission for five, so if anyone wants to they can PQ me a run off vote between me and him. If I don't get votes, I win by default.

Parker, you do not need to send in a vote if you are voting for yourself.
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Product Placement at 10:08AM, Sept. 14, 2009
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I knew that Rokulily's dessert narration was gonna win.
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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ParkerFarker at 7:04PM, Sept. 18, 2009
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My late narration was pretty cool…

And it's depressing to see that I only won by default… All because of some damned dessert cakes!

“We are in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.” - Blackadder
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