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Mafia XXVIII: Mafia NOIR
ParkerFarker at 1:10AM, June 1, 2010
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Yeah, sorry for being a shit-awful detective. Kroatz here was taking the spotlight. That's why I had to kill him.

“We are in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.” - Blackadder
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jninjashadow at 2:08PM, June 1, 2010
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As a townie I have done more to help my team than I ever had as any other role. I don't know what to say about that…
Why that's just crazy enough to walrus!
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Zeph at 2:32PM, June 1, 2010
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I will hit people with cars… It is the Cross thing to do.
Comic The Mutha Flippin God of Airsoft

Rockin the WTF face.
wait what?
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