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Man Bra Take Japan by Storm
Eunice P at 8:41PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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SarahN at 10:07PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Custard Trout at 10:25PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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. . .

My brain is crying.
Hey buddy, you should be a Russian Cosmonaut, and here's why.
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ozoneocean at 10:49PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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What a smart lady.
I can't see why this'd really be appealing to to many men though, apart from the closest trannies… I mean, one of the best things about being a man is that your clothing is so much more practical! You don't generally have to fuss with silly little hooks, strapy things, tiny buckles, flimsy fabric or whatever- at least not on your own body.

It's getting close to summer here now and I noticed one of the women in my office had THREE different sets of thin little strappy straps over her shoulders- bra, dress, slip whatever.

Jebus I'd hate that; having all those things cutting into my shoulders constantly. ugh!
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subcultured at 6:19AM, Nov. 25, 2008
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frank did it first
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Product Placement at 9:54PM, Nov. 28, 2008
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Available in black, white and pink.


Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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DAJB at 4:52AM, Nov. 30, 2008
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Product Placement
So it doesn't show through your string vest, I imagine!
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n_y_japlander at 7:24AM, Dec. 4, 2008
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(OO) have me at a jaw dropping loss… I can understand that some guys, like sumo wrestlers, and gaijin like me with man boobs might want to invest in this (I'm not one) but the tiny guy in the video?!?!?!? with wire cups?!?!?!?

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Gohlico at 2:59PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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The hell…

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Wordweaver_three at 8:01AM, Dec. 13, 2008
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Ooh! Great idea just hit me! Why doesn't anyone market maxi-pads for men? You know, for skid marks? For those extra gassy days. At least my idea is practical, the man bra is just dumb.

Wait, better yet, butt-pons.
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