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Mortal Kombat Conquest: The Most Head-kickingest Show on Earth
Inkmonkey at 12:33PM, Nov. 8, 2008
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Okay, so, I was gonna put this in the HELWID forum, but that's more of a comic thing. I also considered putting this in Media Discussion, but it seems a bit too arbitrary for that. Okay, might as well give some information…

I'm not entirely sure how it got started, but my girlfriend and I were talking about Mortal Kombat Conquest the other day (the live-action MK TV show that aired on Fox). Anyway, she decided to find the show online so we could watch it. Realizing the comedy potential of the thing, we thought it would be a great idea to A: Drink cheap booze, and B: Record our ranting as the episode plays. So here's the two-part first episode of Mortal Kombat Conquest, “Warrior Eternal”, with bonus commentary by two drunken artists.

If you want in on the drinkety fun, play along at home! As I mention in the video, there's a simple drinking game to go along with it. Drink every time:

-A character shows up with a stupid hat and/or mask (whether you drink every time a stupid hat shows up on screen or just when a character is introduced with a stupid hat is up to you)
-A major, named character shows up who wasn't from any of the games.
-Anyone gets kicked in the head

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