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Movies I saw while on aeroplanes...
ozoneocean at 4:12AM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Date Night
-Wow. So retro. Back in the 80's this was the the common sort of hit movie you'd find that wasn't staring either Stallone or Schwarzenegger. As a movie in its own right, it was ok, a bit boring at times. Nothing amazing.
As an 80's tribute piece though, it was pretty good! :)

Kick Ass
-Great setup to this one. It was a really cool idea. This is the only sort of role Nicholas Cage should ever take these days.
It was a really enjoyable, fun film. But too violent. it would've been better if it didn't have all the blood and severed limbs. Yes, I AM squeamish and I don't like blood and guts all over the place, but that's not the reason. The reason is that the limb slicing took away from the fun aspect of the rest of it. If it was bloody, but less realistic, then it would've worked better.

My Last 5 Girlfriends
-I love these sort of surreal things, that have characters talking to the audience and scenes that show us the character's own internal thought processes and stuff. This one was really cool!
Plus, it showed people travelling on aeroplanes… while I was doing the same thing. I always find that funny…

Clash of the titans
-Shit. I don't remember the original as being about “man fighting back against the tyranny of the gods” WTF? Maybe I remember it wrong…? Anyway, the initial premise was just too stupid, hackneyed and recycled. Plus, that shaven head wanker was offensive to mine eyes!
I turned that one off in disgust.

Iron Man 2
-This one rambled and rambled and rambled… It had some really great stuff in it, but I literally fell asleep the first three times I tried to watch it. The jetlag played a part in that, sure, but it was a little stretched.
This would've been a MUCH better film if they trimmed out all the fat. Made it shorter and punchier and save the extended stuff for the DVD releases.

A documentary about bottoms…
-I couldn't believe this was on there. Lots of interesting things about artistic depictions are arses… and lots of nudity, including full frontal. This was a cool little documentary! I learned a lot about woman's buttocks.

-This had a guy going in and our of hotel rooms, which I identified with… apart from that it was a very standard looking old style political thriller. The only good points were that the twist in the end was really cool and the obvious comment about the whole prime minister Blair war stuff was interesting. Apart from that it was really, really staid, ploddy and simple. Could've done with more artistic direction. Polanski has lost it.

-This was an old one that I just HAD to watch all over again. And it was even better this time around. So many cool things in this silly movie. It's just such a great spoof on that whole genre of films (the underdog has to win against the rich bad guys so they have enough money to save themselves) while being a perfect example of that genre type in its own right.

She's outta my league
-Eh… it was ok. The guys in this film have done a lot of similar stuff. It reminded me of Knocked Up. I had to identify with all the airport and air flight stuff, because of where I was, and that was probably the only reason I stuck it out with this one. It was just ok. And the gal who was supposed to be super-dooper amazingly sexy and out of everyone's league really wasn't. That'd only work if they had ordinary looking actors in all the other roles, without perfect makeup and clothes that fit them just right. As it is they sort of buggered-up their own premise.

How to train your dragon
-This was lovely! I do NOT get why every Viking adult had Scottish accents and why every Viking child had American accents though…? Must be something America there…
Anyway, this was beautiful. Great animated film!

Hot tub time machine
-Much, much better than I expected. This was another movie cashing in on the 80's nostalgia, complete with Chevy Chase in a cameo… But I thought it worked out fine. I really enjoyed this stupid, silly deliberately nostalgic film about going back to the actual 80's to do an 80's themed screw ball comedy! ^_^
It was good.

…and maybe others…? I dunno. I can't recall.
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skoolmunkee at 9:39AM, Aug. 16, 2010
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haha! I had a couple of long plane journeys in June and watched a couple movies too.

- How to Train Your Dragon - I also thought this movie was wonderful and wish I had seen it in theatres instead of a dinky off-color plane screen. (I'll get the dvd.) I noticed the accents thing too! Weird. I guess nordic accents would have sounded too strange for the whole movie, maybe? I was worried in the beginning that the movie would get too cliche or go for obvious things (like with the fighting twins) but it was all really well done, I felt satisfied having watched it at the end. :]

- Sherlock Holmes - not nearly enough shirtless men. An unclear plot from what I remember, it was more like a lot of cool sequences strung together. I guess this is some new time of action movie, HISTORY action. I was eh on it.

- Alice in Wonderland - Fell asleep once or twice while trying to watch this. Eventually I managed it on the trip back. I didn't really like it. I used to love Tim Burton's stuff, back in the day, but most of the stuff he does now just feels very redundant to me. Good-looking but all weird for the sake of weirdness. I love, LOVE Big Fish and I wish he'd put more of that into his movies, instead of Johnny Depp and his dumb wife and silliness.

- The Book of Eli - OK, I saw the trick ending to this movie immediately, and I didn't even get the Sixth Sense til the end, so it must have been a terribly obvious twist. So I spent the whole movie just watching for them to drop clues about it. It was entertaining enough, there's something about post-apocalypse wastelands that is just enjoyable. Denzel Washington is a good actor even when he's saddled with “spunky female sidekick”. After the movie was over I could not believe how little happened in it, though.

Then I got wise and watched some good stuff from their older library. :] Simpsons, American Beauty, one of the Bournes…
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isukun at 10:23AM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Despite the fact that I'm usually flying from California cross country to the DC area, I almost never get the planes with the in flight movie. So the only thing I've seen on a plane recently was Invictus. It was alright, but I never really felt a strong connection to the characters or plot, so the ending just seemed kind of “eh.”
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Dark Pascual at 12:01PM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Almost no flight in my country last more than 1 hour, so there is no movies on planes.

However, most of my traveling is done on bus, and those travels can last from 8 to 12 hours.

Most of the movies on those buses are either Mexican Macho movies or Martial Arts movies.

Last one I've seen was a Korean movie based on Masutatsu Oyama's life. Cool fight scenes.
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blindsk at 12:47PM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Despite the fact that I'm usually flying from California cross country to the DC area, I almost never get the planes with the in flight movie. So the only thing I've seen on a plane recently was Invictus.

Yeah, I'm pretty much in the same boat here. Usually I'll see those little screens, but they never end up putting anything on them! But no matter, by now I've discovered other ways to keep me breathing during the flight.

The one time I did see a movie was Bewitched the newest one, and I was completely disappointed by it. Ozone, looking at your list, you are quite lucky in receiving such a selection!
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isukun at 7:56PM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Mostof the planes I get don't even have those little screens. I think the only time I've had the opportunity to see an in flight movie in recent history was when I had a flight on Virgin America, and considering that was just dumb luck that on that day they had the lowest prices, I can't really count on getting them again. Usually I get stuck with Southwest or some other crappy airline.

I got myself a Droid X, though, so I guess I don't have to rely on the airline next time, I can just load a movie or two on the X and watch what I want. Or play old SNES or PSX games. I swear, this phone is the greatest thing ever. Now if only I could find a saturn emulator and rip my copy of Guardian Heroes.
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ozoneocean at 8:54PM, Aug. 16, 2010
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Android phones are truly amazing devices :)
My HTC Desire is packed with music and vids. It was amazingly useful on my recent holiday too! Google maps was my savour- finding hotels, booking them, fining luggage shops, shoe shops all the rest. I didn't need a bulky laptop for communication or a separate digital camera etc.

-The in flight movie selection was pretty cool… mainly because the flights to and from the US and Australia are so loooooooong! And flights across Australia take about 4 hours too… For the long flights I was on Quantas planes; A giant Airbus A380 and also a Boeing 747. The Airbus had much better screens than the Boeing.
The shorter flights in Australia were on Quantas as well, Boeing 737s. Didn't have individual screens there, but the ones they did have were watchable nonetheless.
Flights within the US only lasted an hour, no screens of any sort… on little pencil thin American Eagle airline RJ140 jets. But I was more interested in the view outside anyway.

-Skool, you actually make Book of Eli sound more interesting than I thought it'd be!
They still had Alice in Wonderland there, but I thought I'd wait to see it on a bigger screen.
I also watched the Simpsons. :)
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Giratinasaur at 3:21PM, Sept. 5, 2010
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I haven't been on an airplane for a long, long time, which saddens me, but I did get on a bus for a school trip once. I saw Up, and… really didn't like it. At all. The animation wasn't very good-looking, and the plot didn't even make me frown. Dx

The House of Jirachi: the only webcomic that has static rats and ebony felines working together in tandem.
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