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psiboy92 at 4:58PM, Aug. 4, 2006
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How do I add music to my comic?
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Terminal at 5:18PM, Aug. 4, 2006
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This question is getting quite annoying by now.

The only ways of putting music on your comic is through flash (and you have to know what you are doing in flash to do so.) If you are speaking about putting music on your site, you must do it through MIDIs, mp3's or radioblogs.

Either way, it's a pain to everyone that doesn't want to load an mp3, or MIDI everytime they go to your comic.

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Skulldog at 6:33PM, Aug. 4, 2006
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Please don't!!

Music is damn annoying, and usually a huge load for anyone not on high speed.

I will NEVER come back to a comic that has music playing. I have my own music playing when I read comics, I DO NOT need more added in.
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VegaX at 3:41PM, Aug. 5, 2006
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It's really bad taste to have music on a webpage.

It's a rookie mistake along with flashing text and huge animated gifs.

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