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warefish at 11:55PM, Dec. 2, 2008
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Next time you create a comic, listen to some music that relates to the atmosphere or themes that you are trying to express in your work. I do this allot with my stuff.
The bands that I generally listen to while creating Red Point are Rise Against, Streetlight Manifesto and The Shins. I find that the music enhances the ideas or expressions that I'm putting into the music. Eg, epic music= epic art.
This doesn't work for most, but I find that it helps me. Give it a go.

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Custard Trout at 2:55AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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I don't listen to music on the rare occasions I actually draw. My brain isn't capable of processing music and drawing at the same time, so it'll try to blank one out, and it's always the drawing because that's harder to do than sitting around and drooling.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 8:26AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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I've actually set up a whole bunch of lists on projectplaylist under the themes of my comics. I usually just use them to stop getting bored rather than inspiration.
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mattchee at 8:50AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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I stopped really bothering to put music on while I draw when i realized i could spend 2 hours deciding what I want to listen to.

Once in a while i will, but it rarely relates to my comic in any way–

more typically I'll just have a movie on in the background. Either my wife watching her Angel DVDs, or (when left to my on devices) the second or third greatest film of all time: FIRST BLOOD!

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Ironscarfs Ghost at 10:18AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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I don't listen to anything but I make up music and songs in my head for the characters and scenes, until the whole thing turns into an imaginary musical. This really helps me to get right to the emotional content of a scene and the motivations of the characters.

The only problem is, I also find myself doing this when I should be working and I can't concentrate on the task in hand. I just want to burst into song all day.
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Vakanai at 10:53AM, Dec. 3, 2008
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I don't draw, but I do listen to music when I write or plot out stories. It helps put a lot of scenes and images in my head (it's not really apparent in my webcomics though, cause I haven't done a serious one of those yet). It certainly makes my stories a lot better.
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Naughtelos at 4:20PM, Dec. 3, 2008
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Warefish, we have the same musical taste.
I absolutely can't stand silence, so when I decide to work on my comic, I'm typically listening to music anyway. And Warefish has a point, it does contribute the structure and tone of a scene, which leads to the occasional screwup when I stand back and look at the script as a whole, and what was supposed to have been humor has become “supr srs bizness”.
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NickGuy at 12:33PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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I find that I cannot draw without some kind of noise in my ear, be it music, a movie in the background, or someone on the phone.

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Crimsonskystudio at 12:44PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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I usually listen to either Power Metal (Blind Guardian, Elvenking etc) or Death Metal (Death, Children of Bodom, In Flames etc) while drawing. Depends on my mood
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Mushroomcomix at 2:01PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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The early issues that are posting now were made while I was in my highschool hippie guy phase so a lot of Floyd, Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan went into those issues…but the later issues that have not been posted yet from like issue 8 and on were made with Sublime, Stoopid, Reel Big Fish, Rage, Weezer, Offspring, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and numerous other punk, ska, metal influences…I still use these same bands today to draw to.
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JoeL_CQB at 4:22PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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i just turn on the radio.
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Druchii at 6:43AM, Dec. 5, 2008
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I'll usually listen to classical music, wordless stuff if I have to listen to more contemporary stuff.

Occasionally I'll listen to HIM, the Aquabats, or Dwight Yoakam.
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confusedsoul at 11:28AM, Dec. 29, 2008
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I almost always listen to game music for my comics. I theory that if it's themed for a game, then it can influence the comic somehow too.

I listen to Okami and Onimusha for Foxfire, and Debussy and Silent Hill for Andantino. Mixed with other random tracks of course. I'm a stickler for nostalgic tunes.
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Hyena H_ll at 7:06PM, Dec. 29, 2008
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I can't listen to music when I'm doing pencils. When I'm inking I have to have it on, though. I use it to pace myself: I take smoke/ coffee/ beer breaks every twenty songs, or when an album ends. If I don't follow that “rule”, I end up either drawing until my hand is crippled for days, or getting up to wander around the house aimlessly every 10 minutes.

I don't know if I intentionally match up the mood of the music to the scene in the comic, but right now I'm inking a strip club scene, and it's a lot of industrial dance stuff. Hm.
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lba at 8:37PM, Dec. 29, 2008
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I've tried that, but I usually just end up switching it to something that's energetic and fun to listen to rather than whatever mood I'm trying to go for. I tend to filter it out as a sort of background anyway, so it doesn't matter much.
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Senshuu at 8:41PM, Dec. 29, 2008
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I listen to the flavor of the moment when working on art!
Right now it's something like the Persona 4 OST, lots of Bjork, Natsumen, Nomak, etc.

But nothing too hyper or it stresses me out.

Despite how much I have, music that fits the exact mood of what I'm working on is actually pretty rare. I need to become a composer…
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