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Masq at 11:31PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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I didn't see a search option for the forums, so I dunno if there's a topic for this already or not. I live in San Francisco, so we get some good musicals here and there (Avenue Q is wrapping up and leaving in a couple of days. SO, FRIKKIN, GOOD!), but with only Todd Sweeny, The Color Purple and *shiver* Mama Mia left there's not much to really go see.

So, I figured I'd start a musicals topic and hear what everyone has to say: likes, dislikes, their own ideas, actors, etc…

For the record: Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q, Chicago, and Jerry Springer: The Opera are my all time faves!

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maritalbliss at 8:12PM, Sept. 3, 2007
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We had this discussion a few weeks ago, I always feel bad when no one posts, so I thought I'd let you know. It's only like three pages back if you are interested.

I've never met a musical I didn't like. Or didn't hate if I happend to score a role in a particular show.

In the actual theatre, I'm goin' with Phantom, or Into the Woods. Or, Little Night Music…Oh, see…here goes, I could go on forever.
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