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My confirm problem
JarmanC20 at 4:32AM, Oct. 19, 2008
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Well, I try and confirm my email adress so I can make comments and comic's etc, but everytime I go onto my email and click the link, it take's me to but their's nothing saying confirm emial adress no matter how long I wait.

So really, I don't know how to confirm it.
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ozoneocean at 6:02AM, Oct. 19, 2008
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Don't worry, I've done it for you.
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JarmanC20 at 8:58AM, Oct. 19, 2008
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Thank you! :D
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llOnyxll at 7:31AM, Nov. 5, 2008
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Yeah I have the same problem, what is it?
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llOnyxll at 11:25AM, Nov. 6, 2008
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llOnyxll at 11:54AM, Nov. 7, 2008
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( Ok then, I'll figure out on my own! I dont need your help )

*Calls Team SWAT*

Team SWAT: Hello?
Onyx: HELP, EMERGANCY, it might get worse, I MIGHT DIE!
Team Swat: We'll be right their

*SWAT gets to Onyx's flat*

Team SWAT: Where's the bastard!
Onyx: Here! It wont let me confirm, it's just like JarmanC20's problem.
Team SWAT:…that's all?
Onyx: (Oh shit)…umm, and, the mod's, of, DrunkDuck, are planning, to kill, me, please help!
Team SWAT: Ok so, wheres, these, people.
Onyx:I don't know, their on DrunkDuck, their not helping I mean their not going to let me live.
Team SWAT: Ok, we will be back soon, as soon as something happen's.

*Twelve days later*

Onyx: For god sake, ITS BEEN SO LONG, HOW DO I WORK IT!
Darth Vader: Use the force, join me!
Onyx: Just get out my house Vader, your annoying.
Darth Vader: Just get me a bagle and I will be on my way.
Onyx: Im not in america dumbass.
Darth Vader:…whats a america? I just wont a bagle!
Onyx:…just leave and I will give you *looks around* a piece of toast?
Darth Vader:…toast…is it from the dark side of the force?
Onyx: Sure, if you put Flora butter with it.
Darth Vader: Gimme!

*Vader steals toast*

Darth Vader: Ymm, butter! WAIT!
Onyx: Hehehe.
Onyx: HAHA! I warned you, take my toast, feel my dark side!
Darth Vader: YOU! *cough* son of a bi- *cough!*

*Darth Vader chokes, and dies*

Onyx: Great, now, where was I, oh yeah, FOR GOD SAKE HELP ME DRUNK DUCK!

*Suddenly, a bear, with a robot eye, robotic big laser gun left hand, and robotic legs*

Onyx: Who…who are you?
CyberBearBob: You screamed for Drunk Duck?
CyberBearBob: Wrong answer buster!

*Charges his lazers*

CyberBearBob: Truth?


Onyx: nooo
CyberBearBob: I knew it!
Onyx: But I needed a distraction.
CyberBearBob: For what?
Onyx: Behind you.

*CyberBearBob turned and saw his death!*

Pikachu: Die b**ch!

*Pikachu kills CyberBearBob with a pencil sharpner*

Onyx: Thanks Pikachu!
Pikachu: No problem Ash.
Onyx: My names not A-
Onyx(Ash): Ok sir, Ash it is.
Pikachu: So what is the problem now Ash?
Onyx: Ok *sniffle* DrunkDuck wont help me.
Pikachu: Aww, poor you, what do you wont me to do?
Onyx: Oh well DIE B**CH!

*Onyx pulls out a gun, and shoots Pikachu*

Onyx: Well I think after all this they'll help me now?

*Suddenly ShadowLord from Deltora Quest appears*

ShadowLord: I am from a British Writer and a Japenesse Anime…fcked up isn't it?
Onyx: Wow thats what I thought.
ShadowLord: Is their anything I can do?
Onyx: Yes…

*Onyx stands and walks over to ShadowLord, then hugs him*

Onyx: Hold me tight.
ShadowLord: What the f-
Onyx: JUST! Hold me.

*ShadowLord hugs back*

Onyx: Hug me, squeeze me, never leave me.
ShadowLord:…when's this going to end?
Onyx: When DrunkDuck fix my problem like they did with JarmanC20.
ShadowLord: Aww come on! Thats going to be forever!
Onyx: My point =D
ShadowLord: =(

ONYX IN HIS MIND: This is the best, I hope I dont get turned on from all this excitment.
SHADOWLORD IN HIS MIND: Jesus, I will kill DrunkDuck if this doesn't end, what the hell?

ShadowLord: Do you have a gun?
Onyx: No why?
ShadowLord: Because your pointed something at my leg……is that yo-
Onyx: No!…

( So inconclusion, hurry the hell up and help me…please )
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ozoneocean at 4:52PM, Nov. 7, 2008
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Sorry you waited so long llOnyxll. We haven't had many requests for this in a while.
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