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My dramaqueen kittens willingly jumped into water
Skullbie at 5:29PM, Dec. 15, 2008
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This just happened lol:

I have a number of outside cats, 5 of witch being kittens from a litter.(they are about 9 month old)This is their very first cold night on the front porch, so they are particularly ‘D:>’ about it.
I was filling up their water bowl and decided to put warm water inside as a makeshift hot cocoa– and placed it outside. 3 minutes later I looked out the window and saw three of the cats were laying in the water and the other two were hanging over the side dipping their paws in. -_- So much for fear of water.

After waiting about 5 minutes I dragged them all in the house to get dried off with a towel, then put them back in their outside ‘house’ with a couple of hot water bottles to heat it. :)

If I could have them inside all winter I would, but they scream in the middle of the night, pee in the corner, and my mothers allergic <0 I wonder if they sell pet heating pads somewhere.
Well anyways it was just interesting to see 5 cats getting warm inside a container of water. lol!
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Inkmonkey at 5:36PM, Dec. 15, 2008
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<0 I wonder if they sell pet heating pads somewhere.

If it makes pets even marginally mor comfortable and if most people are too lazy to make an equivalent themselves, then someone is willing to make it. Check Skymall or Sharper Image; they specialize in “stuff most people will never need/think to look for”.
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