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My looks something like Bonus Stage
vie4 at 8:52AM, April 25, 2007
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Okay, here's the scoop.
My artwork tends to look exactly like Bonus Stage/Matt Willson's cartoons. One user, I shall not mention his name, has been bugging me about this problem. Which leads me to this question. “Does anyone have any suggestions on what my cartoon(s) should look like?”
If you do not know what Bonus Stage is, follow the link.
and heres my comic
I need the suggestions
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vie4 at 8:55AM, April 25, 2007
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What I ment to say was “My ARTWORK looks something like Bonus Stage”
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josif at 9:34AM, April 25, 2007
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Theres not really much you can do…
I would just keep your style the same, if you really want to change it maybe add more detail or something… I dunno.
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silentkitty at 10:01AM, April 25, 2007
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o_O Well, your style is your style. If you really want to change it, just decide what you want to change and practice doing it, a lot. Nobody can really make that decision for you (well, except an art editor who's paying you lol!).
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Hijuda at 12:53PM, April 25, 2007
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Actually, the styles seem pretty different. Change your style if you want, or keep it the same. Or kick that user's fucking ass.
It's a comic!

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reconjsh at 7:55PM, April 25, 2007
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It's similar I suppose… but identical. Think about all the comic books and strips done by professionals.

They all look the same even when done by several different artists. Change if you feel it's necessary… or don't. I dig your style… and you get comments… so obviously other people dig it too.
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deletedbyrequest03 at 8:07PM, April 25, 2007
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Only the body structure is similar. The head is completely different.

I love bonus stage!!! :D I used to watch that ALL THE TIME last year! I kept saying ‘dino damage’! It was great :)

I'd say you should just add more views to your faces. They have views, but the vast majority of them are side views.

Don't change your style because one person told you to. If a vast amount of people say it, then that's something. But this is one person you're talking about.

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Aurora Moon at 4:53AM, April 26, 2007
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I see you got around to cleaning up your artwork in the latest pages as opposed to the earlier pages, which is good…

but I have to say I have issues with the handwritten speech ballons. but I suppose it's all moot point, what with you going to color and put in the text on the pc later on after the storyline is over.

it seems intersting though. and I think the style itself works.
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marine at 5:40PM, April 26, 2007
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my artwork looks something like bonus stage too!
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vie4 at 11:52AM, May 2, 2007
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Thanks for the support guys.
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